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Eau Claire, WI gallery

My Medicine Part 4:  East Meets West

International Juried Art Exhibition

10 juried artists explore new ways of healing

Shown:  Marciana Scott's  Intention














Chicago, IL gallery

There's Only One:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Partnering with the Milewski Nature Fund 

We bring There's Only One:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to audiences in Wisconsin and Chicago, This show is dedicated to the Refuge and the activist artists who support protecting it as wilderness.  


Michio Hoshino's Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) bull on autumn tundra (Detail)

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Forming Function Part 2:  Building Dreams:  Art of Architecture and Invention

Enjoy our celebration of our Eau Claire, WI 1892 Queen Anne Victorian Mansion and the Inventor who lived there  


Image for A.E. White's patented doorknob needing no screws


Forming Function Part 2:  Now Make the Dry Bones Live”: The Finer Magic of Louis Sullivan

Enjoy our 2nd art exhibit honoring Chicago's 2nd Architecture Biennial

Shown: Louis Sullivan Window for Auditorium (detail)

Nov. 15, 2017—Jan.5, 2018 
Shakers and Makers:  American Folk Art and Beyond
This eclectic art exhibit begins with art made by 1800’s Shakers alongside self taught artists  of today to show the 21st Century definition of folk art
Shown: Hannah Cohoon's Bower of Mulberry Trees
Nov. 15, 2017—Jan.5, 2018 
Roses:  la debut Redoute Roses
Focusing on Redouté's botanical wonders in roses of red, pink, yellow and white also highlighting the engravers who worked with Redouté. 
Shown: Redoute's Rosa gallica aurelianensis (Rosa 'La Duchesse d'Orléans')

February 8—May 20, 2018

Choix Roses: les Deux

Beauty and Bouquets

Focused on rose bouquets, botanicals, bunches and rose inspired art that spans the Age of Enlightenment to today at Galaudet Gallery’s Winter Art Show
Shown: Bouquet of flowers with roses, peonies, delphiniums and daisies
A Print from the watercolor by Pierre-Joseph Redouté 

February 8, 2018—May 20, 2018

Bread and Roses: 

Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers

Fashion Illustration by designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and more brought the theme of Bread and Roses to another level.
Shown: A look from Yves Saint Laurent's Russian Collection Illustration by Yves Saint Laurent

June 21—September 21, 2018

Sense of Place:  HERE

We Are Here

The first year of this four year art series about Sense of Place brings internationally juried artists who explore place.
Shown:Phoenix Park Balloon Tree 2 Windswept 6
Oil Painting by Vicki Milewski
Ceres collage8crop.jpg


Dancing with the Dawn

Partnering with the Milewski Nature Fund  Galaudet Gallery brings artists who explore astronomy, revolutionary ideas, our planet’s orbit and the subsequent diurnal cycle among other ideas.

A Wisconsin Science Festival Venue!

Shown:  Lewis and Clark's Compass on the face of Ceres 

Collage by Q

Hilma af Klint


The Stars in a New Constellation

Partnering with the Milewski Nature Fund Galaudet Gallery brings a fun exploration of stars of all kinds: Seasonal, Cultural , Meditational and Astronomical

Shown:    Stars in My Soul

Watercolor Hilma af Klint

chagal lovers roses.crop.jpg


Choix Fleurs:  Temple Ouverture

Enjoy more botanical art as Galaudet Gallery lays the foundation for Temple of Flora.

Shown:  Lover's Roses A Print from the watercolor

by Marc Chagal

Spring 2019 Show


Naked Flowers:  Poetry Revealed

X-Ray Flowers and Poem Flowers work together to reveal the poetry of both

Shown:   Pink Tulip

Radiograph Photograph  by Ted Kinsman

Ted Kinsman Pink Tulip
henry auction 169.JPG

Summer 2019 Show


Sense of Place:  THERE:  Song of Myself

Join us for our second year of the art series Sense of Place where we explore the idea of THERE with internationally juried artworks

Shown:   My Neighbors January 2017 Thorp, WI

Photograph by Vicki Milewski


Fall 2019 Show


Walt Whitman and Rockwell Kent

Enjoy Whitman's words and Kent's Etchings in this Leaves of Grass tribute

Shown:   Song of the Answerer

Etching by Rockwell Kent

Holiday 2019 Show


Visions of Sugar Plums

Find how algorithms, abstract art and folk art all work together to bring us further into the 21st Century


Palomino Mount by Dallas John

song of the answererbluec.jpg

Winter/Spring 2020 Show


2020 Vision

2020 Vision sets our eyesight anew by placing traditional, masterful botanical art alongside 21st Century botanical art,


Genitane with Tiger Butterfly by Pierre Redoute

00081563Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) bull on autumn tundra, Denali National Park and Preser

Fall 2019 Show



Explore the floating fleeting worlds of Japan's Edo period and our night skies


Naruto Whirlpool Woodblock Print by Utagawa Hiroshige



There's Only One:

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

This show is dedicated to the Refuge and the activist artists who support protecting it as wilderness.  Photographs, Drawings, Watercolors and more help bring this issue to the artistic level.


Bob Hines' Grayling

Lucite Sunrise Necklace


Eau Claire, WI Gallery

Modern Light:

Artist Jewelry and Fine Craft

International Juried Art Show

Over 300 pieces of jewelry from 25 artists made this show one for the books!

Shown:  Lucite Sunrise Necklace


Chicago, IL gallery

Unchartered Territory

Three rebel artists 3 Mediums curated in Chicago’s wild west. 

Shown:  James Beck's Phoenix  (detail)

Skin and Bones #5 by Emma Connolly


Eau Claire, WI gallery

My Medicine Part 3:  The New Medicine 

International Juried Art Exhibition

10 juried artists explore new ways of healing

Shown:  Emma Connolly's  Skin and Bone #5 (Detail)

As Above So Below archival photograph


Chicago, IL  gallery

Where Our Food Comes From Part 2: Water

15 artists contribute to our understanding of water

Shown: Vicki Milewski, As Above, So Below (detail)


Winter Retreat Part Three:

Selected prints by John James Audubon

This recurring exhibit will have different prints in both Chicago and Eau Claire

Shown: John J. Audubon's American Flamingo (detail)


Eau Claire, WI galley

Landscape Rebels

Landscapes that have rebelled against convention

Shown:  Wang Hui, Peach Blossom Spring,(detail)

Spiral Dragonfly Lamp detail
Audubon's Blue Jays


Winter Retreat Part Two:

Selected prints by John James Audubon

This recurring exhibit will have different prints in both Chicago and Eau Claire

Shown: John J. Audubon's Blue Jays


Christmas Around the World

Christmas themed art 1200--1950

Shown:  James Tissot's Journey of the Magi (detail)

Chicago, IL gallery
Angels, Rock Stars and Rime
21 artists show us their new discoveries
Shown:  Vicki Milewski's Inside an Angel Wing 
Singing and Dancing Throat Chakra


The Chakras

10 artists vision the Consciousness Chakras

Shown:  Singing and Dancing the Throat Chakra (detail)



Chicago, IL gallery

Badlands Rebels

Works on paper by 5 artists

Shown: Vicki Milewski's The Zig Zag Trail

Chicago, IL gallery
Tell Begins
4 artists explain American
Shown:  Vicki MIlewski's Sundance Pole
Chicago, IL gallery
When gods had Silver Hair
6 artists make their own legends
Shown Andy Warhol's Flowers
Chicago, IL gallery
Audubon, Ridgway and Jaques:
It's for the Birds!
3 artists and their work with birds
Shown:  John J. Audubon's Rosebill Spooner
Chicago, IL gallery
Out West
8 artists and their Westward Expansion
Shown: Vicki Milewski's Monument Valley
Chicago, IL gallery
Breaking Horses, Walls and Tables
25 artists take a turn in breakage
Shown:  Oscar Howe's Breaking a Wild Horse
Chicago, IL gallery
Looking Through Windows
Louis Sullivan's work in windows
Shown:  Auditorium Atrium Window Photo by Vicki Milewski
Milewski Lake
Chicago, IL gallery
United We Stand
Images of America
Shown: Vicki Milewski's Milewski Lake Sunset
Chicago, IL gallery
Playing drums, pianos and seeds
10 artists, musician and dancers show us the way
Shown:  Oscar Howe's Seed Player  (detail)
Chicago, IL gallery
Universal Languages
5 artists speak the truth
Shown: Alex Grey's Universal
My Medicine Part Two

June 18--September 7, 2015

Galaudet Gallery chose the title My Medicine to show the power art has to heal and to aid in self discovery and discovery of worlds beyond our day to day lives. Great art transports the viewer to another place and time, another space and moment, a new way of seeing life. The art in My Medicine  does just that. The title also comes from the belief that art is medicine for others and for the two primary artists of this exhibition Oscar Howe and Vicki Milewski.


Many Oscar Howe reproductions will be on view such as Horse Dance and Seed Player.  Oscar Howe painted symbolic scenes based on his Native American cultural mythology that are imbedded in a Tohokmu (spider web); every color and shape imaginatively propels the viewer forward into the seemingly infinite progression of possible configurations of the artwork.  Meaning and myth; while simultaneously pulling the viewer backwards toward a quest for the “original” source or referent that underlines the paradoxes between sacred rituals and the real life harshness they honor, also pull the viewer forward into the future of artisitc creation that is seeped in meaning but that speaks on its own.


Vicki Milewski's Badlands Roads collection will be a part of this exhibit.  Milewski's Roads tell of a journey with topography, cartography and  spirituality guiding her on roads and in skies while she finds that leaving means an ever returning to herself renewed and excited about life.  The roads in question all exist in her artistic reality and in the badlands of western South Dakota; and they offer a glimpse of the transformation of the American road trip into one of self discovery and humble acceptance that there are powers and experiences that are a part of our physical reality but which are seldom spoken of in our 21st Century lives.  Her work on this collection asks us all to share our experiences.


Chicago, IL gallery
RF Metaphysics
Engineers, Artists and Educators Decide
Shown:  Vicki Milewski's The Metaphysics of RF Microwave Transmission (detail of triptych)
Chicago, IL gallery
Works on Paper and Walls
10 artists show their works on papers and some work on our walls
Shown:  Vicki Milewski's Life is Not to Be Lived on the Surface Alone
Chicago, IL gallery
The Chakras
The Consciousness Chakras back in Chicago
Shown:  Vicki Milewski's Blue Mountains, Third Eye Chakra
Tools of the Trade

September 25-November 9, 2015


Tools of the Trade refocuses the idea of tools into works of art.  Sometimes abstracted, repurposed or in their original states, these works of art challenge our expectations of everyday tools and what they can produce in skilled hands.  Primary artist Mike Milewski places historical accuracy and abstraction on the same plane creating intellectually stimulating works which also contain humor in the realization that a piece may have once been a hammer, that a sun may have once been a saw blade, that a drill bit may pose as a leg.  Milewski says he enjoys breaking down the walls between the real and the abstract since in the rubble there lies a truth about work.


Tools are a known hallmark of civilization since even in the caves of  Lascaux, France the tools used to remake the cave and create the art on its walls were left in the cave for us to know what helped make this prehistoric space.  


Tools have also been a source of artistic creativity since the act of creation stresses the simple fact that artists use tools, at times of their own fashioning, to make art, just as skilled craftsmen make tools to create decorative art objects.  This Collection explores the transformation of utilitarian, everyday objects while appealing to the builder in all of us.

Beauty In Glass:  A Tiffany Replica Lamp Exhibit and Sale

This exhibit introduces Galauet Gallery's work on bringing awareness to the Arts and Crafts Movement which is seeing a resurgence that Galaudet Gallery calls 21st Century Art Movement which seeks to unify the arts with high quality crafts seen as art and in this unification strengthen the potential and opportunities for creators.  The crafstmanship of the lamps is high quality with the stained and painted glass all hand placed.  Some use Tiffany Studio molds that mean the shades are just like the original only without the stress cracks and fissures the originals contain. 


Take home a piece of decorative art and suppport your local art gallery and its mission!


Holiday Show and Sale

November 20, 2015--January 5, 2016

Come in for some holiday cheer in this beautiful Victorian setting complete with a decked tree and other decorations many one of kind artist made creations just for the hoiday season. 

Holiday themed artwork and other  well chosen art for gift giving will be on display and bring smile and maybe a ho ho ho to you.


Some traditional religious reproduced paintings will also be on view.

Where Our Food Comes From:
The Receiving Jar

April 23-June , 2015


Galaudet Gallery presents Part 1 of Where Our Food Comes From:  The Milk Receiving Jar: Dairy Farming in the 21st Century which reveals new perspectives in dairy farming through oil paintings, drawings, photos and fiber art influenced by rural culture and the people that feed us.


Where Our Food Comes From is a four part exhibition series seeking to understand our food’s origins within the realization of the cultures and people who create it.  The Milk Receiving Jar: Dairy Farming in the 21st Century is Part One of this series and it questions sustainability issues inherent in dairy farming through introducing the crops and processes involved with bringing milk to our tables.

Galaudet Gallery

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