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Galaudet Gallery in Chicago

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Inside Galaudet Gallery in Chicago 

Galaudet Gallery

in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Inside Galaudet Gallery

in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Guests at a Chakra Exhibit Event in

Galaudet Gallery

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Mike with the sign for

Galaudet Gallery

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Mike with the original sign for

Galaudet Gallery

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Mike Milewski, Gallerist of Galaudet Gallery

Mike is standing in a field he used regenerative agricultural techniques on to bring back to life

Vicki Milewski, Gallerist of Galaudet Gallery

Vicki is standing in front of an ancient Egyptian love song she assisted in translating.

About Galaudet Gallery



Award winning Galaudet Gallery welcomes you to their virtual gallery space and invites you to visit our two Victorian spaces in either Chicago or Eau Claire.  Whether you're a casual shopper who might like something nice on the walls of your home or office or a serious collector seeking another piece for you collection, we've got something for you.

"Fine art is an fine investment" means to the sibling co-owners Vicki Milewski and Mike Milewski that you are investing in quality, personal taste and maybe inspirational or thought provoking.  "Investing in art is like investing in yourself."  We understand that an investment can be $200 or $20,000 it's just depends on what you are interested in. 

Founded in Chicago in 2010 and now located both in Chicago and Eau Claire, WI, Galaudet Gallery is becoming one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art, with museum as well as private clients worldwide. Galaudet Gallery offers artworks of high quality as well as valuable advice in all areas of the field.


The gallery has a reputation for honesty, integrity, quality and discretion that it continues to earn by providing a high level of service to our growing list of clients. Art Collectors share many values but the most important is an appreciation for art and its role in our culture and in our lives. Fine Art can transcend genres, time periods even space—but these qualities are rare and is one of the reasons for the impressive prices fine art pieces have garnered in recent years.  While most galleries are organized to represent artists and their concerns, Galaudet Gallery also focuses on collectors and their pursuits to attain high quality, authentic artworks.  This means we hold quality exhibitions, we offer services in buying and selling art and in caring for and displaying art. 


This also means that we work with artists in a non-exclusive relationship in order to provide our collectors with current professional and emerging artists as well as our network of other artistic works.  We hold juried art exhibitions to find new artists to work with and to show to our clients and for the pure love of seeing new works of art.


Sign up for our mailings and become a part of a rich tradition that spans thousands of years--the tradition of viewing and appreciating art and recognizing its potential to transform our perspective, enliven our outlook or simply add a beautiful moment to our lives.

Our Story


Galaudet Gallery is a family run gallery that honors our mother, Elizabeth Galaudet Milewski's heritage as an artist and her Galaudet family's historical work. Starting back in 1711 when Dr. Pierre Galaudet came to the American colony of New Rochelle, New York and worked as a doctor and also did engraving for the currency of New York a talent he passed onto his son Elisee whose engravings are held by the New York Historical Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Throughout the generations artists have been in our family and Mike and Vicki are continuing this family tradition of artists, thinkers and explorers.  Our first gallery is in Chicago since we were raised in a nearby suburb and moved to the city to begin our professional careers.  Our second gallery is in Eau Claire since we spent every summer on our family's farm nearby learning from our father, Lenard Milewski about sculptural art practices and the importance of the natural world.

Mike, the older brother of this operation, has stayed in Chicago to man the gallery space and employees there.  Open by appointment and for special exhibits, Mike has become a trusted gallerist in the Chicago art scene working with the Art Institute of Chicago, The conservation Center and other  organizations specializing in art.


Mike also founded and owns Mike's Building & Consulting using the skills and knowledge he learned from our dad--artistic woodworking and quality craftsmanship in North Shore homes while adding a vast portfolio of historic home renovations and LEED certified projects. Mike is also a champion for affordable housing working diligently to keep rents affordable in all the units he owns believing that everyone should have a quality place to live with the opportunity to save to buy their home.  Mike has transformed properties and neighborhoods though his work on places like Twentytwo23 West and others like them.  Mike is also President of the Memorial Nature Fund a not for profit seeking a balances between using our natural resources and conserving them.

Mike is also a celebrated Interuptive Artist with works being nationally exhibited.  Choosing historically based mediums, landscape art forms and ecologically sensitive ideas, Mike has recently begun to unveil artworks decades in the making such as his 9/11 based works which will include a commemoration of 9/11 on its 20th anniversary in 2021 and an ecosystem rehabilitation with artistic pieces interspersed.

Vicki, the little sister and fire starter, who moved to the family farm to learn how to manage it and rekindle her love affair with nature.  When finding the historic building at 618 S. Farwell in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin Mike and Vicki knew it would be a great second location for Galaudet Gallery.  Vicki manages this gallery space (with help from Chicago!)  and has become internationally known for her the art exhibit catalogs she organizes for Galaudet Gallery exhibits and others as well as her theories on art in the 21st Century.


Vicki's artworks are internationally collected, exhibited and screened by museums, galleries and organizations; her music is nationally performed. She is a published writer & sought after lecturer.  Vicki is a fifth generation artist working in Abstract Experientialism with oil paintings, works on paper, photography, film, words and music.  


Vicki is creating a diverse body of work that defies easy categorization.  Originally taught by her mother, Elizabeth Galaudet Milewski, she was also mentored by Ivan Albright, Ed Paschke, Tom Forsythe, Sri Goswami Kriyananda, Margaret Hillis, B.K.S.Iyengar and the Rotten Belly Society which explains her diverse repertoire.

Vicki also assisted in drafting and passing the first national Charter School Legislation through her educational work with Charles Mingo and Odis Richardson, BPI and others in the Small Schools Movement while running a small school she founded, The Radio and TV Broadcasting School.   She then worked with the FCC's Educational Broadband Frequencies during their transition from analog to digital, eventually founding several radio stations across the nation.  Vicki has created, staffed and mentored not for profits along the way and believes that education is the most important gift any adult can give to a child.  Hence Vicki continues to teach in classrooms from grade school--post collegiate work.

After years of collecting art and working with other galleries and museums in selling Vicki's art, Mike and Vicki decided to share their love and knowledge of art by opening Galaudet Gallery.  Their passion for art is clear when you look through the gallery's website or come into the gallery and meet them.  Together this sibling team takes curating seriously working for years on exhibits that have won awards, accolades and appreciation from visitors.  Starting in 2018 and for the next few years, they will be having fun with a Temple of Flora theme and the exploration of Sense of Place.  

We also believe that "Fine Art is Fun!"


Start exploring art with us, it's free to dream and have a little fun!

Have a gala-day!

Galaudet Gallery

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