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Abstraction VI.2.jpg
Blue Abstraction by Frank Nava2_edited.jpg

Abstraction in Blue

by Frank Nava

Paint on Canvas

35" X 35"

Abstraction VI.

by Raynard Fillibus

Oil Paint, Sumi Inks on canvas

18" X 24"


Adult Becoming Parent

by Oliver Knowles

Oil Paint on Oil Paint Paper

11" X 14"

Framed and matted at 14" X 18"


Galaudet Gallery fully moves into Contemporary Art with Blue.  After doing short historical with Exhibits like Visions of Sugar Plums and Series like My Medicine, Sense of Place and Choix Flowers; the sibling curators of Galaudet Gallery Michael Milewski and Vicki Milewski are now interested in seeing where Contemporary Art may take us.


Blue will have traditional, representational artworks; however, most will be abstract and beyond.  Always seeking new frontiers for self-discovery inside and outside, Galaudet Gallery’s curators are excited to embark on a new way of viewing art, experiencing art and having fun.


Blue will not only have visually blue artworks available for looking and buying but the exhibit will also utilize Josef Alber's revolutionary book "Interaction of Color" to guide the curation and research in preparation for this exhibit.  The physics of the color Blue will be explored as well as how nature values the color Blue.  As one of the primary colors Blue can also be mixed with other colors to create new colors which will also be explored.


The curators continue to research and build upon their Partnership of Sight art theory which proposes that the artist, the artwork, the curator and the viewer all work in partnership to elicit an aesthetic experience.


Adult Flag of Independence

by Oliver Knowles

Oil Paint on Oil Paint Paper

11" X 14"

Framed and matted at 14" X 18"

Clown Peirot Cognac poster cropped.jpg

Cognac Sorin Ad Featuring Pierrot

by J. Spring

Framed and Matted at

13" X 10"

Blue Buddha2.jpg

Blue Medicine Buddha

by Bhikkhuni

Textile Hand printed

Framed and Matted at

12" X 12"

Hope. Michael Milewski

Hope (2019)

by Michael Milewski (after Banksy)

Oil Painting on Canvas

Blue Medicine Buddha.JPG

Blue Medicine Buddha

by Tashi Dhargyal

Giclee on Paper

11" X 14" Framed and Matted


The Nexus--Gateway

by Timmis Pollux

Oil Paint On Canvas

16" X 20"

All Artwork shown available to add value to your home or business.  Website updated to show current available pieces.

Galaudet Gallery

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