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redoute sweet peas.jpg

Fragrant Sweet Peas

Aantique hand colored lithograph 

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté


A Print from the watercolor

by Marc Chagal





Continuing our exploration of choice flowers is the art show Choix Fleurs:  Before the Temple of Flora Dec 20—March 20, 2019.  Choix Fleurs follows the wonder of last year’s roses into the gardens of many different types of flowers.


Galaudet Gallery co-owner Vicki Milewski defines Choix Fleurs, “After learning from Pierre Redoute last year and other fantastic botanical artists who worked with roses we are now displaying different flowers from lilacs to sweet pea blossoms.  The subtitle of Before the Temple of Flora means this is a show before we display the flowers from the Temple of Flora which is where our sequencing for these floral shows is leading.”


There are more Redoute works in flowers other than roses and works by Marc Chagall and Ehret among others.  “Studying these masters has humbled my work with floral painting and brought a new perspective to my eye when looking at flowers,” Vicki continues.


Vicki’s brother Mike Milewski points out, “By bringing in more botanicals and some pomologicals we also bring more experiences with  the Temple of Flora ethos.  We also like to work with progressions and sequences in order to bring more light to the evolution of art.” 
















Here is an example of the curatorial progressions Mike and Vicki have planned for their floral shows:

2017 Holiday Show

Choix Roses: la debut:

Redoute's Roses


2018  Winter Show

Choix Bouquets: Deux:

Beauty and Bouquets


2018  Holiday Show

Choix Fleurs:  Troix:

Before the Temple of Flora


2019 Winter Show 

Choix Fleurs:  Troix:

Temple Ouverture

2019 Spring Show

Choix Nu Fleurs:  

Naked FlowersPoetry Revealed


2019 Holiday Show

Choix Fleurs:  Quatre:

Nu Nouveau Fleurs


2020 Winter Shows

Temple of Flora

Choix Fleur:
Temple Ouverture 
December 20, 2018—March 31, 2019

chagal lovers roses.crop.jpg

Sunflower, New Mexico

Giclee Print by Hung Hung

by Georgia O'Keefe

Blue Delphinium


by Fleur Olby

Seaver Street Poppy Shy

Seaver Street Poppy, Dusk

Original Watercolor and oil

by Vicki Milewski

Seaver Street Poppy, Dawn

Original Watercolor and oil

by Vicki Milewski

Seaver Street Poppy, Shy


by Vicki Milewski

Fleur OlbyGGC_edited.jpg


A Print from a  watercolor

by Marc Chagall

Galaudet Gallery

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