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Unchartered Territories

Three rebels, 3 Mediums curated in Chicago’s wild west.


​Galaudet Gallery

2223 West Hubbard Chicago, IL 60612


9/24/16 Exhibition party 7pm—midnight 
10/15/16 Artist Talk 4pm--5pm
10/22/16 Closing Night 6pm--9pm
Open every day, hours vary, please call 715-513-9994 or email

Art Exhibit runs 9/22/--10/22/2016


Galaudet Galley’s 2016 Rebel theme continues with their Fall 2016 exhibit Unchartered Territory set in their prominent gallery space in the heart of the wild west of West Town.  West Town has a side that is full of rules and million dollar homes but an imaginarium of delight welcomes all who venture to this side of west town just steps south of Grand Avenue on Hubbard Street where you enter an untamed, energetic and rebellious neighborhood that is germinating the 3rd Chicago School Art Movement.

Impromptu!  Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart

Sure there is the Chicago Arts District, the Chicago Design District or even the Art Institute but in the wild west of West Town rebel artists of the 3rd Chicago School are disrupting the art world’s cronyism with their fearless creativity inspiring new art and bringing new meaning to being an artist.  


Galaudet Gallery’s Unchartered Territory Art Exhibit brings the 3rd Chicago School back for a 2nd Year to the wild west of West Town with 4 rebels:  Vicki Milewski, Louis Sullivan, James Beck and Louis C. Tiffany.

But even rebels know that “we can’t escape history”  and so they learn from it in order to set it aflame to create the new. 

The 3rd Chicago School Art Movement is simply a label used to show connection and understanding but not reverence.  “As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves” from the past supports of one school, one gatekeeper, one neighborhood to view art, one way to view art history.   “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.” [1]


Using Abraham Lincoln’s words as he attempted to persuade congress to free all slaves is what rebels do when their moment is approaching—they throw torches at the state of affairs and then make sense out of their solutions.   Is it doubted, then, that a 3rd Chicago School is upon us, different from the first school with Louis Sullivan and the 2nd school with Tigerman and his fellows since it is new? Is it doubted that supporting these artists and their goal of globalizing art beyond race, culture and creed would restore Chicago to its cultural legacy and allow artistic prosperity to prevail?  Is it doubted that we have the power to put these ideas into the minds of vast numbers of people?  Is it doubted that diversity is our strongest path and unified diversity is our only way toward making art that is truly 21st Century and connected to the past, present and future?


Please join Galaudet Gallery rebelling in Unchartered Territories with two exhibits in their West Town Chicago space and one at the Clearing.  Special hours during Chicago’s Art Expo September 22—25  will be noon—9pm with longer hours till midnight on Saturday September 24.


[1] Quotes from Abraham Lincoln’s Annual Message to Congress Washington, D.C. December 1, 1862

Multiple Levels

Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart

Vicki Milewski

Multiple Levels

Vicki Milewski

Galaudet Gallery

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