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Bouquet of Roses with an Anemone

A Reproduction from the original Watercolor on Velum 

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Bouquet of flowers with roses, peonies, delphiniums and daisies

A Print from the watercolor

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté 

Discover floral wonders both romantic and gothic in beautiful artwork of roses in bouquets, botanicals, bunches and rose inspired art that spans the Age of Enlightenment to today at Galaudet Gallery’s Winter Art Show Choix Roses: les Deux: Beauty and Bouquets February 8—May 20, 2018.   Enjoy artwork for viewing and for sale that holds symbols of faith and liberty while raising contemporary questions about beauty from artists like Pierre Redouté  and Jan van Huysum  Have fun with surprise “rose” inspired art.  All can be found in the four spacious rooms of Galaudet Gallery’s welcoming Victorian mansion at 618 S. Farwell in downtown Eau Claire, WI.


Choix Roses: les Deux delivers flowers to freshen our winter, bringing to mind warmer times of the year and offering a wonderful survey of art containing different kinds of roses in unique floral arrangements and new ways to define beauty by looking at a rose’s life and our liberties.  Both Pierre Redouté of French fame and master floral Dutch artist, Jan van Huysum took years to complete these bouquets, capturing a real flower’s “lifetime”—from bud, to flower, to demise—seeing beauty in each stage of life hundreds of years before today’s artists rediscovered these ideas. An overripe flower at the height of its power of scent also showing its transience is quite contemporary since it phenomenally pushes the boundaries of what is called “beautiful”.  Filled with Age of Enlightenment symbols of faith and liberty, both artists’ poetics of beauty make these bouquets seem new and fresh, gothic and subversive—overturning traditional definitions of beauty still today.


Choix Roses: les Deux connects with Galaudet Gallery’s Holiday Show, but this is more than just pretty flowers, these paintings are amazingly beautiful, but I have also enjoyed discovering the hidden symbols and translating their meanings into my life.  I just looked at a Huysum piece again this morning and found something new to enjoy.”  Co-owner of Galaudet Gallery Mike Milewski explains.


Mike’s sister and co-owner of the gallery Vicki Milewski adds, “les Deux  goes deeper into our sense of beauty; these bouquets and roses work as an authentic vision of our world today—beautiful yes, but also embracing all parts of this world as beautiful too—almost a beauty of diversity, maybe a diversity of liberty.”


Choix Roses: les Deux begins Galaudet Gallery’s Year of the Back of Beyond with shows influenced by Edward Abbey’s insistence that we need to go into the “backlands, the back of beyond” to places where we can be our authentic selves, where we have liberty to live our dreams or just get a little dirt on us.  The artists in Choix Roses work in the “backlands” embracing nature and transforming our sense of beauty through suggesting that the everyday is beautiful, disorder can be beautiful and aging is beautiful.  This is why Galaudet Gallery is reimaging the Arts and Crafts Movement for the 21st Century--bringing beautiful, well made items and art into homes and offices to enable new perspectives on moments in our lives that are beautiful—moments that we might take for granted or see as mundane work instead of the backlands that help open our hearts and minds to our own definition of liberty, our own value of beauty.


So take some time this winter and early spring to stop into Galaudet Gallery and smell the roses with new eyes. Galaudet Gallery is typically open every day noon—8pm during our exhibition runs.

Choix Roses:

les Deux

Beauty and Bouquets


​February 8—May 20, 2018

Bouquet of Flowers

A Print from a  watercolor

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

New Jewelry for the Eau Claire exhibit:

Choix Roses:  les Deux Beauty and Bouquets will also bring in new jewelry that is folk art inspired.  Jewelry artists from around the corner and a little further have always had an affinity for roses come and see what they have made.


Some of the pieces are still being fashioned so stop in any time to see what just came in and get inspired for your own jewelry creations or support these great artists with a purchase.    Using these inspirations has produced some really great and fun jewelry that is all One of a Kind.  Our 30 day return policy can be lengthened if you are purchasing any item for Holiday gift giving, just let us know.

Our Chicago Gallery's exhibit is Change is Happening:

Change is Happening brings some of the artists from Forming Function Part One back for another look at how Chicago's Third School is blossoming and changing the face of art in the city.

Both of these art exhibits build upon the work Galaudet Gallery has done in bringing attention to new perspectives on art that the sibling co-owners Mike Milewski and Vicki Milewski have become famous for.


Choix Roses: les Deux  Events:

All events are family friendly


Februray 8, 2018  3pm—8pm

Exhibit Opening


Join Galaudet Gallery for new looks at beauty with drinks and snacks for our opening ​


February 9, 2018 3pm

Eau Claire Victorian Mansion Tour

Join Galaudet Gallery for an hour long tour that will explain the architecture and the historical residents of this 1882 Eau Claire gem. Enjoy learning about the many beautiful architectural elements and the symbolism in this well cared space where Galaudet Gallery displays art exhibits like The tour begins inside and moves through the first floor space with insights and revelations that will fascinate and intrigue. Visit our Eau Claire White House website to learn more:





February 20, 2018  6pm—7pm

Getting The Ball Rolling: Sports Writing,

From 300 To 100,000 Words And All The Words In Between


Join Galaudet Gallery in welcoming a Chippewa Valley Writer’s Guild Craft Talk with two writers from the Chippewa Valley:


Joe Niese is a librarian and award-winning sports historian.

He has written numerous articles and two books: Burleigh Grimes: Baseball's Last Legal Spitballer and Handy Andy: The Andy Pafko Story.  His next book, tentatively titled, Gus Dorais: Gridiron Innovator, is due out fall, 2018. 


Nick Erickson is a sports writer for the Leader-Telegram and a graduate of the UWEC


Visit the Chippewa Valley Writer’s Guild website:

More events coming soon

Galaudet Gallery

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