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Galaudet Gallery Projects

Galaudet Gallery has many projects that they have created and participate in.  The Gallery sees these projects as other ways to reach people with fine art from a multitude of platforms:

Galaudet Gallery Tower Room Recordings

These recordings of events held at the Eau Claire Wisconsin gallery space that feature fine music, spoken word and experiential soundscapes that capture essences from the exhibits they are an event for.  These recordings can be found on craft cds and on SoundCloud.

Galaudet Gallery Publishing 

Recognizing our placement in history as a call to illuminate changes, support innovation and grow transformational experiences by unfolding past, present and future layers into writing that transcends and grounds us, Galaudet Gallery has created a publishing house to assist artists and writers with this call.  We support innovative and illuminating manuscripts from professional artists and writers and emerging talents.  Visit our website to learn more:

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Art

One of a Kind handmade jewelry art began as many businesses do with friends enjoying a Wisconsin summer evening and talking about one of their passions--making one of a kind jewelry.  As we continued to add logs to the fire we continued talking about working together to secure precious and semi-precious gemstones and other jewelry making items.  It is from our passions to make one of a kind, heirloom quality pieces that we have started this company with the help of Galaudet Gallery.


Galaudet Gallery Workshops and Talks

Galaudet Gallery has several workshops that have been given across the country and are considered a part of specific exhibits even though they can stand alone as a workshop:

Prayer Tie Ceremony Workshop:  Two Feathers Medicine Clan Fire Keeper Mike Milewski leads this workshop and Ceremony on Native American prayer ties.  Learn about prayer ties and make some while participating in this Native American ceremony.  Part of the My Medicine Art Show. 

The Chakras in the 21st Century:  Artist, Teacher and Preceptor Vicki Milewski leads a conversation about the history of chakra knowledge and the next phase of evolution with chakras--the ontological chakra system to honor two of her teachers B.K.S. Iyengar and Goswami Kriyananda.

Artist Talks:  Galaudet Gallery hosts featured artists from their exibits as well as other artists who speak on a variety of topics.  Past Artist Talks have included: 


  • The Beginning of the Third Chicago School Artists Talk where 8 artists and architects talked about their work and the ability of the arts and architecture to shape the functions of community, culture and our everyday lives.

  • Hunting with Louis Sullivan Talk which had the artist Vicki Milewski and an architect speak about Louis Sullivan and her exhibit inspired by him.

  • Artist Books: a new way of reading

Local Talent Workshops:  Galaudet Gallery hosts community talented community members in holding talks and workshops in the gallery spaces.  Past Local Talents have been:

  • Erin O'Brien's silk painting workshop

  • Judy Meinen's  talk Sensing of the Chakras

  • Xin Obaid's Chinese-Gong Fu- Tea Ceremony

  • Jody Hagedorn’s talk Turn Up Your Light with Chakra Meditation

  • Tim Wang's talk on healing, tai chi and motorcycles



Galaudet Pop-Up Galleries

Galaudet Gallery hosts international pop-up galleries that expose different communities to a wide variety of art in non traditional settings like retail stores, grocery stores, highway billboards and more.  If you want more information about having art in your business and/or community please contact us.

Galaudet Gallery Fine Art Podcast

Galaudet Gallery is beginning to create a series of podcasts about art in the 21st Century.

Galaudet Gallery

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