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Various Locations Throughout 2022 and 2023

Beyond Wood:  Barn Media Assemblages Deconstruct Hierarchies

Beyond Wood examines a new ethos in evolutionizing equality for all life. Assemblages expose new archetypes from demolished barns  revolutionizing an architectural aesthetic into equality in construction Come experience trees speak!


Installation View of Beyond Wood:  The Beginnings with

There: You had to be there by Michael Milewski II

Main barn Door by Michael Milewski I

PowerShare22  2022


PS22 is inspired by courageous, loving and empathetic people who stand up for who they are, for who others are and for who we can all be together. 



The Power of History is the Opportunity to Remember

Collage by Vicki Milewski

One Sacred Moment

Various Locations 2022 and 2023


One Sacred Moment...with You


Share in a moment with trees actively communicating in this art installation of poem slips for Vicki Milewski’s 24 part poem One Sacred Moment…with You.  Through words, motion, sound and color One Sacred Moment immobilizes an intensity of life


Installation View of One Sacred Moment

By Vicki Milewski

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