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Choix Roses:

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Redoute Roses



Galaudet Gallery is bringing you a room full of roses in their  Choix Roses art exhibit showing roses by the famed botanical artist Pierre J. Redouté Nov. 15, 2017—Jan.5, 2018 at 618 S. Farwell in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Choix Roses will thrill botanical art lovers, flower lovers and all who find beauty in the rose.  Pierre J. Redouté was one of the most talented and popular botanical artists in history credited with bringing botanical drawings into the art world with his techniques.  The work of several different engravers who brought Redouté’s watercolors and oils to the world will also be explored.  Choix Roses brings together the artist’s works from across his career.


Choosing to focus on red, pink and yellow roses for this exhibit, Galaudet Gallery has sourced wonderful prints to display.  Redouté perfected a special method of color stipple engraving that gives his botanical prints rich subtleties of color and a striking luminosity.  All prints on offer for this exhibit were made from the original hand colored engravings.


“Working with these beautiful roses has been immensely pleasurable,” Galaudet Gallery co-owner Vicki Milewski says, “There is a connection made between these roses and each person who views them.  Redouté’s artistry and coloration make them aesthetically pleasing, historically significant, and visually exciting.”


Here the roses speak for themselves so please stop in and listen


Choix Roses will be on exhibit from Nov. 15, 2017—Jan.5, 2018 at 618 S. Farwell in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin


New Jewelry for the Eau Claire exhibit:

Choix Roses:  Pierre J. Redoute's Roses will also bring in new jewelry that is folk art inspired.  Jewelry artists from around the corner and a little further have always had an affinity for roses come and see what they have made.


Some of the pieces are still being fashioned so stop in any time to see what just came in and get inspired for your own jewelry creations or support these great artists with a purchase.    Using these inspirations has produced some really great and fun jewelry that is all One of a Kind.  Our 30 day return policy can be lengthened if you are purchasing any item for Holiday gift giving, just let us know.

Our Chicago Gallery's exhibit is The Dawn Always Rises:

The Dawn Always Rises has 10 large canvases by Vicki Milewski with her dancing ladies bringing the dawn up and selecting which stars can stay int he dawn sky.  Inspired by Oscar Howe's dancers and experiences she has had in the Badlands of South Dakota, Milewski draws from many deep wells.  Recently finished and already nationally exhibited these "dancing ladies" as Milewski likes to call are already scheduled for several exhibitions in 2018.  Stop in to see new selections in Tiffany Lights and these dancers a sure smile will rise during our hectic city holiday season.  


Both of these art exhibits build upon the work Galaudet Gallery has done in bringing attention to new perspectives on art that the sibling co-owners Mike Milewski and Vicki Milewski have become famous for.


Choix Roses Events:

All events are family friendly

Opening Receptions:



Choix Roses 

3pm—8pm Galaudet Gallery 618 South Farwell Eau Claire, WI


Exhibit Events:



Fun Art Exhibit Guided Tour



Enjoy a guided tour of our current exhibit Choix Roses

for a cost of $5.00 per person.  Gain insights, appreciation and the fun side of art.  




Shop Local with Galaudet Gallery



Galaudet Gallery invites you to our Shop Local Day at Galaudet Gallery November 25, 2017 9am-8pm Come in to shop our current exhibits Shakers and Makers: American Folk Art and Beyond and our other exhibit Choix Roses along with one of a kind jewelry and other fine crafts.


Enjoy holiday refreshments, beautiful art, music throughout the day and more!


Stop in to shop our current exhibits Shakers and Makers: American Folk Art and Beyond and our other exhibit Choix Roses:  the Roses of P.J. Redoute along with One of a Kind Jewelry and other fine crafts.


Rosa gallica aurelianensis (Rosa 'La Duchesse d'Orléans')

 A print from the painted engraving of a rose

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Rosa hemisphaerica (syn. Rosa sulphurea),

A Print from the watercolor by Pierre-Joseph Redouté 

Rosa gallica purpuro-violacea magna

A Print from a  painted engraving of a rose

by Pierre-Joseph Redouté 1824.

Galaudet Gallery

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