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2020 Vision



iris aple2.jpg

Genitane with Tiger Butterfly

by Pierre Redoute

Lithograph on Paper

Pale Iris

by Pierre Redoute

Lithograph on Paper

redoute. gesse a larges feuilles.jpg

Sweet Pea

by Pierre Redoute



Seaver St. Poppy

by Vicki Milewski

Pencil, Watercolor on Paper

2020 Vision sets our eyesight anew by placing traditional, masterful botanical art alongside 21 st Century botanical art.

Galaudet Gallery’s Spring show and 2020 art season opener is 2020 Vision a collection of floral art both realist and abstract with a curatorial focus on how we look at these works as we enter the roaring twenties of the 21st Century. 


2020 Vision will span 4 centuries in its search for a futuristic vision of what botanical art means today and how an abstracted flower can be included in the botanical tradition. 

The flowers and bouquets of masters will hang beside those of modern and contemporary artists like O’Keeffe, Dine, Milewski and Warhol

We will have an online gallery show for the first time ever.  Allowing you to visit whenever you want.  All the art is for sale please consider supporting your local fine art gallery through purchases, online encouragement like emails and nice comments on google, tripadvisor or facebook.  We appreciate you and hope these flowers bring joy!


Sweet Pea (Wisconsin)

by Vicki Milewski

Watercolor with Sumi Ink



by Pierre Redoute


All Artwork shown available to add value to your home or business.  Website updated to show current available pieces.

Galaudet Gallery

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