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Famous Faces


Famous Faces looks at the beginnings of pop culture iconography through the rendering of celebrities past and present.  Elvis shares a wall with Miley Cyrus, Mt Rushmore images gaze upon Eric Clapton, Dizzy Gillespie shares secrets with a Warhol Marilyn Monroe, circus poster girls wink at comic book heroes—these juxtapositions bring the content of each work into greater detail.  The smoke swirling around Duke Ellington at the piano is rendered more mystical next to the heat vapors rising off George Washington’s head from the  warmed granite of Mt. Rushmore.  Along with some famous, and not so famous photographs and other artworks, Vicki Milewski has selected several pieces from her Talking Worlds Collection.  Milewski’s selection of monolithic rocks like The Organ (Josef) in Arches National Park and Monument Valley’s Fishtale make sense as “famous faces”  since Milewski skews the definition of “faces” toward a geologic one.  Her Three Wisdoms series is especially provocative given that they are in sharp relief to a rising sun behind them, hence eschewing their faces.—Jules Heffe


Contact us for availability of movie star and musician photos of stars like Elvis, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Miley Cyrus, Dean Martin, Dizzy Gilespie, Duke Ellington; also Gold, Silver and Bronze Age Comic Book Art by artists like: Frank Miller, John Byrne, Jim Lee and Jack Kirby John; vintage circus posters and Andy Warhol, Alex Grey, Henri Matisse reproductions.

Galaudet Gallery

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