Get Illuminated

December 29, 30 and 31, 2019

Galaudet Gallery 

618 S. Farwell Eau Claire, WI


Stop by Galaudet Gallery in Eau Claire and light a candle to illuminate the start of 2020 and release 2019 to history. Each candle and your intentions will be placed in a luminaria and put outside the gallery on South Farwell. Help us light up the south side of downtown as we celebrate community, a new year and illuminations.  This is a third year of Get Illuminated and we have saved most of the wonderful Luminary bags from last year so stop in and see if yours is here and add something more to it before lighting your candle.  Or start a new bag for a new year.  Or leave the bag plain and simple--it's your choice!
Lighting a candle can provide different experiences like:
  • Lighting up the way to 2020 Reflect and celebrate on the year that has passed
  • Release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you
  • Set clear intentions for the year ahead
  • Invite the powerful energy of attraction to manifest your desires
  • Lighting up the night with Luminaries can bring a warmth to our celebrations for the coming new year
Good music will be playing and positive energy will be ample as Galaudet Gallery looks to support Eau Claire’s downtown since it is where we love to have our business!
The good work being down in downtown EC even more so this holiday season.
Our Stars in a New Constellation and Choix Fleurs Exhibits featuring some stellar art!
Arthur Rimbaud is also an inspiration especially “The Illuminations” 42 poems by Rimbaud which are lighting up our imaginations and inspiring us to “Get Illuminated”  We started our first year with a quote from Rimbaud's poem Mystic:
And while the band at the top of the picture, is formed
by the whirling and leaping noise of a conch shell and nights of men.
The flowering of the stars and of the sky and of all else comes down opposite  the hill,
like a basket ,
close to our face,
and makes the valley below sweet smelling and blue
The next year we continued with Arthur Rimbaud's “The Illuminations” quoting from the first section of his poem Vigils:
It is the enlightened rest, no fervor no languor, on bed or on the grass
It is the friend, who is neither strong nor weak.  The friend.
It is the beloved, not tormenting not tormented.  The beloved.
The air and the world not sought after.  Life.
--Was it this then?
--And the dream fresh,
We love the first line in Rimbaud's French since we see Eau Claire as becoming eclaire in this our 21st Century:
C'est le repose eclaire,
It is the enlightened rest,
Last year we looked to Rimbaud's poem Aube (Dawn) for inspiration that led us to the dawn on January 1, 2019.  Here is an excerpt:
I have held the summer dawn in my arms.
Nothing moved as yet on the fronts of palaces. The water
was dead.  Swarms of shadows refused to leave the road to the wood. 
I walked along, awakening the warm, alive air. 
Stones looked up, and wings rose up silently.
The first occurrence, in the path already filled with cool white
shimmerings, was a flower which told me its name.
This year we look to Rimbaud's poem Vies (Lives) for reflection on the lives we all lead and those we dream of living--could we merge these two in 2020?   Here is an excerpt:
I am far more deserving inventor than all those who went before me; a musician, in fact, who found something resembling the key of love.  At present from a meagre countryside with a dark sky,  I try to feel emotion over the memory of a mendicant childhood.....I don't miss what I once possessed of divine happines.
The last line is best in the French:
Je ne regrette pas ma vielle part de gaite divine
The candles being used were made at the Athenian Candle Shop and have lead free wicks, a mixture of beeswax and parafin candles will be available. A luminaria is a white paper bag with designs on it and some sand in the bottom.
Translations of Rimbaud are from Wallace Fowlie's A Study in Angelism

Galaudet Gallery