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Upcoming Exhibitions

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Fall 2023 Show



COLORS will be the art series for GG’s 2023 Art Season with Blue in the fall, Red for the holidays and Yellow as winter sets in. 


Blue is our first curatorial exploration into these ideas and into the basic idea that art is fun and each person brings something individual to each artwork viewed which supports GG sibling curators Mike Milewski and Vicki Milewski as they continue to put forth their Partnership of Sight Art Theory.



Arctic Rivers

Multi Media Artwork by Liz Alcyone

Chicago Architecture Biennial Partner Exhibit and Installation




Galaudet Gallery is honored to be a partner with the Chicago Architecture Biennial's 2023-2024 iteration This is a Rehearsal with an installation of Vicki Milewski's PowerShare and working again with our not for profit partner the Memorial Nature Fund with their locational poem slip installations One Sacred Moment with you.

We have other ideas we hope to present stay tuned!


Flipping Gnosis

Blended Artwork by Vicki Milewski

Flesh and Spirit Zixin (Cindy) Zhang.jpg

Holiday 2023 Show




Continuing our Art Series COLOR with RED and more insights from Josef Albers' Interaction of Color


Flesh and Spirit

Oil Painting by Zixin Zhang


Winter 2024




Fresh bursts of yellow will abound in this third installation of our COLOR Art Series.



Heart Chakra

Silkscreen Print of Rev. Edward Warner's Drawing of the Heart Chakra as seen by C.W. Leadbeater

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