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Galaudet Gallery Art Series
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Oil and Mixed media on Canvas

by Marciana.Scott

scalp dancer 2.jpg

Scalp Dancer

Casein Paint on Paper

by Oscar Howe

Phoenix Park Balloon Tree

Sense of Place Art Series
Sense of Place: HERE: We Are Here (2018)
Sense of Place: THERE: Song of Myself (2019)
Sense of Place: EVERYWHERE: Title tba (2023)
Sense of Place: NOWHERE: Title tba (2024)

16.20.gimp.blowing wind 3smudge..web.JPG

Phoenix Park Balloon Tree

Abstraction 4

Ink, Pencil on Paper

by Vicki Milewski

Phoenix Park Balloon Tree

Ink, Pencil on Paper

by Vicki Milewski

blog.5.2015 012.JPG

Installation View of

Forming Function 1


Installation View of Beyond Wood 2021

Pret a Porter

Ink on Paper (1989)

Christian Lacroix

Tulips by Albert Koetsier_edited.jpg

Pink Tulip

Radiograph Photograph  

by Ted Kinsman

chakra 5.vicki.milewski.edit.jpg

Singing and Dancing

Throat Chakra

Oil Painting

by Vicki Milewski


The Chakras Art Series
The Chakras 1:   Introducing (2010)
The Chakras 2:  Consciousness Chakras (2014)
The Chakras 3:  Ontological Chakras (2016)
The Chakras 4:  tba


Blue Mountains

Third Eye Chakra

Oil Painting

by Vicki Milewski

Galaudet Gallery

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