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Galaudet Gallery

Galaudet Gallery Mission Statement


To present fine art exhibitions from professional fine artists and emerging talent including all forms of art


Recognizing our placement in history as a call to illuminate changes, support innovation and grow transformational experiences by unfolding past, present and future layers into simple glances of beautiful things.


We seek a renewal of an Arts and Crafts ideology with a 21st Century sensibility encouraging the creation, collection, and appreciation of art, craft and  what is coming next   



Welcome to Galaudet Gallery a 21st Century art gallery experience. 


We have two wonderful spaces in Chicago and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 


Both spaces are set in Victorian buildings and offer unique exhibitions and events throughout each year.


Galaudet Gallery sells fine art from professional fine artists and emerging talent

including original oil painting, photography, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and multi-media pieces.  We also offer archival prints during each exhibit.


Galaudet Gallery curates several fine art exhibitions a year including wonderful and forward thinking artworks that are supported with extensive research that is shared through curatorial models developed by Galaudet Gallery curators and education, archaeological ideas, decorative arts and events also add to each exhibits aesthetic experience. 

Fine Art is a Fine Investment

June 18, 2014 Galaudet Gallery opened its second location in downtown Eau Claire, WI.  This new gallery continues the area’s revitalization and will be a vibrant gathering place for artists, collectors and art lovers. Galaudet Gallery celebrates the region’s contribution to the visual arts world by maintaining a commitment to artistic excellence and aesthetic experience.


Galaudet Gallery is located on the first floor of a Victorian 3 story building.  4 impressive rooms will hold 4 exhibitions every year.  Each exhibition is accompanied by interpretive, educational, cultural, and archeological elements that will be staged to highlight the artwork present.  


Galaudet Gallery focuses on Modern, Contemporary and Post-Contemporary artworks that have integrity and that produce an aesthetic experience.  In defining the artworks that will be shown we will choose high quality, conservation-minded pieces that represent the theme of each exhibit while also searching for artworks which our clients have expressed an interest in.   The Gallery also considers archival and conservation issues involved in the longevity of a piece of art as fundamental when choosing artworks to be shown since these considerations can change how the piece is valued culturally, aesthetically and in the marketplace.  Artists who use archival methods and know how to make pieces that can stand the test of time is one of the many variables considered.


Fine Art is a Fine Investment and the owners of Galaudet Gallery know this first hand.  There are many areas to consider when purchasing a piece of art such as taste, inclusion in a current collection, storage possibilities, location of artwork.  But when looking at purchasing art from an investment perspective there are even more variables besides the tried and true method of asking, "Do you like it?"


Pricing original art is based on several points:

  • The most recent selling price of the original art work

  • The most recent selling price of a comparable art work by the same artist

  • The most recent selling price of a comparable art by a different artist

  • What the market will bear

  • Condition of art work

  • Location of artwork

  • Seller’s reputation


Pricing archival prints is based upon several points:

  • The amount of prints available and if these are in limited supply

  • Whether a print is signed by the artist or a printed signature

  • Type of print quality

  • Whether print is framed or not

  • Seller’s reputation

  • Condition of print

  • Recent auction prices for original artwork print is based upon

  • Recent auction prices comparable original artworks have sold for


Other Services


Galaudet Gallery recognizes the need for the following services when helping collectors, museums and organizations find, place and store their works of art.


  • Valuation and appraisal service

  • Framing consultation

  • Art Advising and Authentication

  • Mounting, placement and hanging of artworks

  • Picture molding installation

  • Picture rod acquisitions

  • Speakers for events and ceremonies

  • Researchers to find a piece of art not currently in our portfolio



The Center Shop


Started as a burgeoning gift shop, the CS space has grown to include local artists and craftspeople as well as exhibit themed merchandise.


Informed by Galaudet Gallery’s exhibition schedule there will be unique items for sale in the galleries and in the CS.  There will be locally sourced items as well as rare, one of kind items from high end designers with all of the items sharing the exhibition theme and a high sense of taste and quality.  




Galaudet Gallery

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