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Stars in a New Constellation


Art Exhibition


Brought to you by

the Milewski Nature Fund and Galaudet Gallery




Join the Milewski Nature Fund and Galaudet Gallery as they partner to bring some star art.  Reaching as far out as one can go, Galaudet Gallery continues their 2018 “Back of Beyond” experiences joined with a partner who has many telescopes!  This stellar new exhibit Stars in a New Constellation Nov 15—Jan 15, 2018 could only have happened with the Milewski Nature Fund as a great partner.  Stars draws from multiple views:  Cultural, Astronomical, Meditational, and Seasonal--with a good dose of Holiday cheer. 

Galaudet Gallery is also offering for the first time a series of exclusive Artgifts in the form of original artworks.  Please visit our webpage for more information:





Galaudet Gallery co-owner Mike Milewski explains “When planning this exhibit two years ago we wanted Stars in a New Constellation to coincide with the opening of the Pablo Center which is a new star in Eau Claire’s arts and culture constellation. It is exciting to see what new stars will be added in the future as more people find their way here.”
















Galaudet Gallery supports this community renewal by mounting thought provoking art exhibits like Stars. Inspired by the diverse creative views and projects of Eau Claire area artists, artisans, city planners, politicians, developers, creators and the University of Wisconsin—Galaudet Gallery drew analogies to these with images from telescopes showing stars, yogis exploring chakras, cartographers mapping the way or artists rising before dawn to capture a Wisconsin Summer Solstice sun rise.  In this way Stars can be seen as a fun metaphorical ride through current Eau Claire achievements all while enjoying some fine art.


Mike’s sister Vicki the  co-owner of Galaudet Gallery continues explaining the foundations of the Stars exhibit, “Eau Claire is like one of the nebulas that cover a wall in this exhibit—it is analogous to a birthplace of stars—this inspires our curatorial visions.  Each of our exhibits supports the life enhancements and meaningful experiences created all around us.  We followed this star when we opened Galaudet Gallery in Eau Claire and we believe others will follow.”

The inspiration for the title of this exhibit comes from the 1777 United State Congressional order to create a new flag featuring "stars in a new constellation"—the Stars and Stripes--to symbolize the new country of the United States of America.  


Stars in a New Constellation completes Galaudet Gallery’s Year of the “back of beyond” which began by exploring the Choix Roses in botanicals and fashion, then initiating our Sense of Place: HERE before Dancing with the Dawn skies influenced by NASA’s Dawn Mission.  Now we push further for a look outwards and inwards understanding how the first picture of earth taken from the first moon landing inspired the first stars of the environmental movement. How throughout history gazing at the stars above caused many people to contemplate the stars within themselves. With these ideas Galaudet Gallery brings Stars in a New Constellation that shine in our night skies, on our city streets and within each our lives.















The art exhibit Stars in a New Constellation has on display:

  • Stars used as wayfinding tools with old and new maps

  • Stars seen from satellites, telescopes and space probes in images from NASA artists

  • Stars imagined in yogic meditation on chakras, stupas and nagas  

  • Stars like our sun rising and setting in beautiful images

  • Stars that celebrate the holidays and the season

  • Prints from Rockwell Kent's famous etchings inspired by Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass


Please join Galaudet Gallery and the Milewski Nature Fund in exploring the next star we can plot in our new constellation in Stars in a New Constellation. New jewelry inspired by the images and ideas of stars is also on display such as the stunning collection of naga inspired work from Lublin, Wisconsin’s Buddha Babe.  Our downtown Eau Claire gallery is open Wed.—Sun. noon to 8pm and by appointment Mon. and Tues.


This is just the beginning of such explorations for Galaudet Gallery since we seek to find strange new worlds and we seek out new ways to live in our civilization in our 2019 art exhibits dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Walt Whitman’s birth—a star gazer and traveler if ever there was one!  We will  also further our new way of looking at aesthetic experience in our much discussed “partnership of sight” art theory.  See you all soon.







The Nebula Wall

Each nebula is 12" X 12"

Telescopic Photographs by Paul Hinderman

The Silver of Stars

by Q Adea and Liz Alcyone

24" 12"

Mixed-media artwork

The words of the true poems give you more than poems,

 they take you into space to behold the birth of stars, to

learn one of the meanings,

To launch off with absolute faith, to sweep through the ceaseless rings

and never be quiet again


--Walt Whitman from Song of the Answerer

Star Forming Galaxies2.JPG
star art gift3.JPG

Yellow Metal Stars

by Lola Oa

Metal stars on handmade mulberry paper dyed with geranium petals

star art gift3.JPG

Four Dimensions of Stars

by Liz Alcyone

16” X 20”

Multi-Media Artwork

The Stars nebula Wall.JPG

Silver Metal Stars

by Lola Oa

Metal stars on handmade mulberry paper dyed with geranium petals

The Dawn with Stars

by Liz Alcyone

18"  X 14"

Mixed media Artwork

Galaudet Gallery

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