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Galaudet Gallery


We Believe

  • That “new” is not better unless it is better

  • That art should be valued because of personal choices  not because it cost a lot of money

  • That hard work is good for the body and soul

  • That people who support you, nurture your dreams and allow you to be honest are the family we all crave and that family is the most important thing in life

  • That there is a balance between using resources and conserving them, between passion that lights a fire and a good roasted marshmallow, between seeking deeper meanings and just laughing at the day.

  • That we need a renewal of an Arts and Crafts ideology

  • That everyone can lead self chosen lives with loving people and beautiful art

Galaudet Gallery Mission Statement


To present fine art exhibitions from professional fine artists and emerging talent including all forms of art


Recognizing our placement in history as a call to illuminate changes, support innovation and grow transformational experiences by unfolding past, present and future layers into simple glances of beautiful things.


We seek a renewal of an Arts and Crafts ideology with a 21st Century sensibility encouraging the creation, collection, and appreciation of art, craft and  what is coming next   



Welcome to Galaudet Gallery a 21st Century art gallery experience. 


We have two wonderful spaces in Chicago and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 


Both spaces are set in Victorian buildings and offer unique exhibitions and events throughout each year.


Galaudet Gallery sells fine art from professional fine artists and emerging talent

including original oil painting, photography, watercolor, drawing

sculpture, mixed media and multi-media pieces.  We also offer archival prints during each exhibit.


Galaudet Gallery curates several fine art exhibitions a year including wonderful and forward thinking artworks that are supported with extensive research that is shared through curatorial models developed by Galaudet Gallery curators and education, archaeological ideas, decorative arts and events also add to each exhibits aesthetic experience. 

Freedom Flower

Galaudet Gallery

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