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Naked Flowers: Poetry Revealed

What does the inside of a flower look like? Is it all poetry and color or something a bit more?

X-rayed by the sun
Fleur Olby Blue Delphinium

Naked Flowers: Poetry Revealed

Naked Flowers

What does the inside of a flower look like? Is it all poetry and color or something a bit more? Stop in to see for yourself!​​​​

See inside X-Rayed Flowers (like the one above); read a Poem Flower (like one of them around here); enjoy abstracted and Americana flowers along with other enjoyable sights during our spring show.

These flowers got naked by being X-Rayed or collaged into flowers using naked bodies like the one here. The whole idea is to see where we can't usually see and go where we don't usually go.

Cecelia Webber takes G-rated photos of naked people and then puts them together into flowers. It could even be me in there (but it isn't) Just some lady holding her knees and looking up or down depending on your perspective.

Poem Flowers

Poem flowers are meant to be read. They are free verse all seeded into your gardens and each time you read the meaning seems a little different just like each time you look at a flower and it looks, well, different!

Poem Flowers are moving the forms of free verse poetry to the next level and are inspiringly humorous and enjoyable to just look at. Poem Flowers began as a subset art form of Altered Books and Artist Books which use books as a source material and as art forms.

Some of these poem flowers are woodblock printed, others pigment printed (no pigs were injured) and others are altered books inspired by Walt Whitman's 200th birthday.

Abstracted Flowers There are other flowers too. Abstracted by the wind having a little too much fun with petals and dawn light.

Abstracted flowers have a poetry and nakedness all their own. Some of the abstracted flowers in this show were abstracted to show a poem in motion revealing another way to experience poetry and art.

Botanical Flowers And of course a couple of new Redoute's since this art series has been driven by that madman's glorious ways of drawing flowers.

The Botanical flowers in this show come from folk artists and botanical artists who push art forms forward by looking into the essence of a flower and its inner beauty.


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