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Forming Function

Art Series Part Four:

With Two Exhibitions:


Two Installations

Beyond Wood:  

A Land Acknowledgement



Power Share 22:

(We can create a Sane and beautiful world)


Building Dreams 3:  

Cutting Down Hierarchies



One Sacred Moment With You


Galaudet Gallery continues their Forming Function art series with two exhibits and two installations:


Beyond Wood:  A Land Acknowledgement 

Galaudet Gallery partners with the Chicago Architecture Biennial to bring this installation to life

Power Share 24:  (We can create a Sane and beautiful world)

Galaudet Gallery partners with the Chicago Architecture Biennial for this exhibition

One Sacred Moment with You

Galaudet Gallery partners with Chicago trees to merge this  installation with wind, color and words

Building Dreams 3:  Tearing Down Hierarchies

Galaudet Gallery partners with the Wisconsin Science Festival to show the art in Building Science 

One exhibit looks at the physicality of GG's Eau Claire, Wisconsin space and is called Building Dreams 3:  Tearing Down Hierarchies.  The second exhibit is in the Chicago space and is called Power Share 24:  (We can create a Sane and beautiful world)  The third exhibit is Beyond Wood:  A Land Acknowledgement. All of  these exhibits celebrate the fourth Chicago Architecture Biennial and the respective towns they are shown in.

Please Note: due to the ongoing uncertainty of the Global SARS-CoV 2 Pandemic Galaudet Gallery will be open by appointment only, offering virtual tours and upcoming OVR (Online Viewing Rooms).

Galaudet Gallery Eau Claire

Building Dreams 3: Cutting Down Hierarchies

Building Dreams 3:  Cutting Down Hierarchies


Building on the work of the previous two Building Dreams exhibits, GG adds the idea of Building Science to the mix.  As part of GG’s long running art series Forming Function, which ushers in The Third Chicago School of Architectural Thought which follows the First and Second Chicago Schools in form and function while building a new school of thought on the building sciences of the 21st Century


The first Building Dreams simply exhibited the interior architecture of GG’s space in Eau Claire inside the Milewski Mansion.  With its Arts and Crafts ideologies seen in high quality artisan work in wood, plaster and glass, GG’s space in Eau Claire is an artwork all on its own. 


Building Dreams 2 focused on the couple, A.E. and Georgiana White, who built this building and who determined the Arts and Crafts flourishes as well as some personal touches.  A.E. White’s many patents were exhibited along with some of the actual pieces loaned by area residents. 


Building Dreams 3 now adds to this story by looking at the building sciences that exist within the Milewski Mansion, creating a sustainable and quality interior life.  Building physics, architectural science and applied physics will be integrated into a look at how the Milewski Mansion is constructed and the efforts owner Michael Milewski is taking to rehabilitate this gem for a life beyond another 100 years. 


Integrating Building Sciences into the storyline of our Building Dreams exhibit means learning more about the Milewski Mansion which houses the gallery in Eau Claire.  Similar to the work Michael did on the gallery space in Chicago, the Milewski Two-Flat an 1880 brick beauty, Michael seeks to rehabilitate and enliven this property using his decades long acquired knowledge in his primary business of restoring historical properties.  Coupled with Michael’s certifications and research into sustainable building also means that he seeks to find a balance between a building’s footprint and the comfort of its occupants.


Building Science as Michael employs it includes the following areas always with a sustainable approach to each area:


  1. interior temperature

  2. interior acoustics

  3. interior lighting

  4. interior air quality

  5. building resource use:  energywaterbuilding materials, rehabilitation considerations



Talks about both the interior and exterior considerations are planned parts of this exhibit as well as looking at the unique ways the original builder and the Whites as planners chose to create temperature and acoustical havens.

Building Dreams 3 continues our curatorial look at a Victorian mansion in Eau Claire built with the Arts and Crafts Movement ideology with architectural decisions speaking of beauty, equality and the future. 



Galaudet Gallery Chicago


(We can create a Sane and Beautiful World)

PowerShare22 (We can create a Sane and beautiful world) shares the metaphysics of architect Louis Sullivan and artist Vicki Milewski.  Inspired by all the courageous, loving and empathetic people who stand up for who they are, for who others are and for who we can all be together, this exhibit celebrates equality and ways we all share powers and use them in individualistic ways.


Get to know architect Louis Sullivan's ideas on the powers we all share like sympathy and courage  that in his words, “reveal that all have the destiny to create, courageously, wisely and worthily, a fit abiding place:  a sane and beautiful world.”


In his article "The Other Foucault" (The Nation 11/2/2017) Bruce Robbins sets the stage for this exhibit,


“Thanks to Michael Foucault, generations of students have been instructed that power is not what or where you might expect it to be. It should not be imagined sitting grandly at the top of a pyramid where the sovereign alone has the final say. The French Revolution having come and gone, it was finally time, Foucault declared, to cut off the king’s head in political theory. Power should no longer be imagined as residing only within institutions like the state and its police force. Power does not need to send tanks rumbling down the main arteries of the capital; rather, it flushes quietly and continuously through society’s capillaries, where it tends to pass unnoticed. Power can also be gentle and relatable. It doesn’t always tell you no; often it encourages you to pursue your desires. It doesn’t always shut you up; often it encourages you to talk, especially about yourself.”


This exhibit displays pieces from Vicki Milewski’s art collection PowerShare22 (We can create a Sane and beautiful world) along with work by Louis Sullivan.

PowerShare22 visualizes social responsibility using these powers to create a socially just world.  Sullivan explained over 20 different powers like sympathy and courage  that in his words, “reveal that all have the destiny to create, courageously, wisely and worthily, a fit abiding place:  a sane and beautiful world”  where we value each other equally.  

Galaudet Gallery is honored to partner with the Chicago Architecture Biennial and there wide ranging exhibit Available City.  Power Share 22 is one of the partner programs for the 2021-2022 biennial.








At The Farm on Anson Place,

Galaudet Gallery Chicago and

The Memorial Nature Fund  


Beyond Wood:  A Land Acknowledgement

Beyond Wood is a land acknowledgement based outdoor installation seeking to dismantle the hierarchy which values trees more dead than alive.  Assemblages made from extinct giant white pine wood from a barn the wind pulled down provides another life for this wood to speak of the extinction of hierarchies and the future of equality.  

During two fall weekends, Galaudet Gallery and nonprofit the Memorial Nature Fund will activate “Beyond Wood:” barn media assemblages dismantling predation hierarchy by encouraging new ethos in evolutionizing equality for all life. These curated assemblages expose new archetypes from demolished barns deconstructing centuries of progress which dictated hierarchies instead equality. “Beyond Wood:” revolutionizes an architectural aesthetic into an experience in parity.  Come experience trees speak!

GG thanks The Memorial Nature Fund  and The Milewski Farm for their contributions to this installation.

GG is honored to partner with the Chicago Architecture Biennial and their exhibit Available City with Beyond Wood.








One Sacred Moment...with You

Poetry Installation


One Sacred Moment...with You  is an installation of poem slips.  Tied to tree branches throughout Chicago, these poem slips hold the poem One Sacred Moment...with You.  The trees, wind, words, wind and colors of the poem slips and silk ties work together to make this a spoken word installation with trees actively communicating Vicki Milewski’s 24 part poem One Sacred Moment…with You. 





One Sacred Moment…with You follows the tradition of hanging brightly colored strips of paper with poems written on them in trees during certain times of year generally in the fall and spring.  Popularized by the Japanese in the 17th century and captured in certain artworks of that time and in remembrance of that time, Japan still holds a holiday in the summer which involves writing wishes on the paper and hanging the slips on bamboo.  Other cultures have displayed poetry and other written words in nature for at least a millennia.  Artist Vicki Milewski continues a practice she started as a teenager when she would handwrite her poems on handmade paper and hang them in trees around the town she grew up in.  Today she brings messages of the importance of community and family to this practice involving others in the creation of the Poem Slip Trees.  She has even cultivated bamboo in order to pay homage to the Japanese practice.

One Sacred Moment…with You is on display right now, please contact Galaudet Gallery to find a location.  One Sacred Moment…with You is available for display please contact Galaudet Gallery to become a part of this remarkable display of poetry in motion with words speaking about community, family, conservationism and 21st Century sacred moments.















New Jewelry for the Forming Function 3 Art Series:

Forming Function will also bring in new jewelry that is architecturally inspired.  Jewelry artists from around the corner and a little further used Galaudet Gallery's building as inspiration focusing on elements like our stained glass window, the wood beading on the door moldings and other ideas.  They also used the time period of 1905--1925 (when A.E. White was most prolific in his inventions) as a springboard for some art deco/ jazz age inspired pieces and pieces that have been inspired by White's inventions.  And they looked to architecture in general to make statement pieces that are as beautiful as they are unique.  Some of the pieces are still being fashioned so stop in any time to see what just came in and get inspired for your own jewelry creations or support these great artists with a purchase.    Using these inspirations has produced some really great and fun jewelry that is all One of a Kind.  Our 30 day return policy can be lengthened if you are purchasing any item for Holiday gift giving, just let us know.




Both of these art exhibits build upon the work Galaudet Gallery has done in bringing attention to past thinkers, architectural wonders and new perspectives on art that the sibling co-owners Mike Milewski and Vicki Milewski have become famous for.




Plate 13: The Power of Genius: 

The Opportunity to Think

Watercolor and Pencil by  Vicki Milewski

Inspired by Louis Sullivan

Installation View Beyond Wood with The Chakras Exhibit

Left To Right

C.W. Leadbeater's Chakras,

Hayloft Door In The Wall, 

Vicki Milewski's Ontological Chakras

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bottom of mantel.C..JPG
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beyonbd wood 3.jpg
Building Dreams 3
Beyond Wood
One Sacred Moment...with You
One Sacred Moment Installation.2.jpeg
One Sacred Moment night.jpeg
One Sacred Moment Installation.jpeg
One Sacred moment...with You
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Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart

Watercolor and Pencil by  Vicki Milewski

Design by  Louis Sullivan

The Wheel:  Auditorium Building Windows

Design by  Louis Sullivan

Photo Montage by Vicki Milewski

"Now Make the Dry Bones Live":  

The Finer Magic of Louis Sullivan

Exhibit at Galaudet Gallery


Galaudet Gallery will host the exhibit "Now Make the Dry Bones Live":  The Finer Magic of Louis Sullivan which explores 21st Century connections between Sullivan's A System of Architectural Ornament According with a Philosophy of Man's Powers, his egalitarian ideas about society which he proposed would mirror nature and his philosophy about the function of culture, art and architecture with  the 21st Century art of Vicki Milewski  an abstract experientialist who challenges the boundaries of canvas, film, paper, words and music; her mixing of mediums in artworks and in compelling art collections which pursue experiences expressing the healing potential of nature and her egalitarian philosophy of society founded in her belief of the sacredness of all life.  

"Now Make the Dry Bones Live":  The Finer Magic of Louis Sullivan will delve deeper into Vicki Milewski's Hunting with Louis Sullivan art collection which contains artistic collaborations between Sullivan and Milewski as she continues her work of elucidating and bringing Sullivan's ideas into the 21st Century.  The title for this exhibit comes from a handwritten note Sullivan made to himself as he worked on his philosophical drawings, "Now make these dry bones live" referencing Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous insistence that we should not be left with the dry bones of past civilizations but should recognize our lives can have revelations, visions and more that past people had.  Large scale installations, watercolor works and artist books will be on display as Milewski shows Sullivan as a 21st Century thinker whose line of thought needs to be injected into the discourses we are having today about art and architecture.


Milewski and Sullivan’s individual works often make precise references to sites, history, metaphysics and the meaning of communal living with both of these artists believing in new technologies but not at the cost of meaningful everyday experiences for everyone.   Sullivan influenced “The Chicago School” which was the first Chicago school of which Milewski now contends the “Third Chicago School” is beginning with an interleaving of artists and architects who share Sullivan's metaphysical philosophy about the real function of art and architecture and the true reality of a democracy that respects all living things as equals.  Works by Louis Sullivan and Vicki Milewski’s art collection Hunting with Louis Sullivan, comprised of large scale works that are inspired by Sullivan with some integrating Sullivan’s drawings and ideas, will be the main exhibition focus.


Parallel Axes:

Mystical Trails to Hike On

Watercolor and Pencil by Vicki Milewski

Design by  Louis Sullivan


The 21st Century
Arts and Crafts Movement
The Third Chicago School


The Revitalization of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the beginning of the Third Chicago School is explored in these two exhibitions and their corresponding tours and lecture series.  


The Arts and Crafts Movement began in the mid 1800's out of an increased awareness that the industrial age was creating a new social order and approach to art making.  Now the 21st Century presents its technological conundrum as virtual realities and e-living is changing the nature of social structures and ways of making art. Galaudet Gallery explores facets of the original Arts and Crafts Movement with the purpose to create awareness of these changes and ensure our artistic legacy and future not be undermined or lost. 


Another inspiration for these two exhibits is “The Chicago School” which originated with Chicago Architects like Louis Sullivan during the turn of the 20th Century.   Starting in the 1950's throughout the 1970's Chicago had "The Second Chicago School" of architects.   Both these schools promoted new technologies and construction methods that worked with the art of their given times and created new avenues for art and architecture to follow.


Now as we turn fully into the 21st Century we have found the “Third Chicago School” is beginning and the Arts and Crafts Movement needs to be revitalized.  The dissolution of a hierarchical system for producing, disseminating and collecting art has created a new platform to work from that is based on networks, dialogue and cooperation.  Architecture is experiencing this transition also as it seeks more sustainable ways to design, build and reclaim.  The arts have always looked to nature for inspiration and structuring and now is no different; however, we are looking with new eyes that have vast amounts of information to integrate, understand and take into consideration.  Galaudet Gallery embraces this new looking and puts out the call for others to see anew too.

Galaudet Gallery

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