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Galaudet Gallery

Presents 3 Exhibits for

"Proposing the Beginning of

The Third Chicago School"


Galaudet Gallery is participating in Chicago's first Architectural Biennial, Chicago Artist Month and the beginning of a Third Chicago School with three exhibits: 


Forming Function

Hunting with Louis Sullivan

My Ancestors Are Watching


Galaudet Gallery is proud to work with the City of Chicago, Chicago artists and curators in creating these projects.  Galaudet Gallery’s sponsorship makes all the exhibits and corresponding events free.  Below are catalogs for two of the exhibits:

Forming Function Catalog


Hunting with Louis Sullivan Catalog


Following is more information about each exhibit and the events:

Impromptu drawing by Louis Sullivan 

Digital Alteration by Vicki Milewski

21st Century Chicago Artists' Studios 3 (CAS3) weaves together architects, painters, photographers, ceramicists, business leaders and gallery owners with two unique exhibitions from 10/01—11/15, in an influentially edgy part of West Town.  CAS3 is the 21st Century Chicago Artists’ Studios3 emulating the architectural legacy of The Chicago School’s embrace of radical, new ideas with CAS3’s 21st Century twist.  


Both Exhibits Runs 10/1/2015--11/15/2015 at 


Euro Furniture 2145 W. Grand

"Forming Function"


Galaudet Gallery 2223 W. Hubbard 

"Hunting With Louis Sullivan"


On 10/01 are two artist receptions at both locations  


On 10/24 CAS3 hosts 8 artists/architects explaining their studios, works and future visions.


On 11/14 CAS3 are two closing recptions at both locations

Auditorium Building Arches

by Louis Sullivan 

Photograph by Vicki Milewski

Vicki Milewski’s first installment of her art collection “Hunting with Louis Sullivan” incorporates Milewski’s art and sense of polychromy with the drawings Louis Sullivan made for his final book, A System of Architectural Ornament:  According with the Powers of Man. 


Sullivan’s philosophical writings and drawings have never been so well connected as in Milewski’s works.  Her choice of colors and materials brings Sullivan’s drawings and ideas into vivid states which elegantly present a clear joining of the power these two artists hold.  Her understanding of Sullivan and their shared influences like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman is clearly shown in the detailed and beautiful choices she has made in unveiling a true American philosophy that has been analyzed but never seen like this.


Milewski’s 21st Century presentation of Sullivan’s early 20th Century drawings fuse into a 21st Century boundary push along vectors which follow these great thinkers into uncharted territory of  a truly 21st Century American Art which leads into a Global Art with its eventual culmination in a Universal Art.



Auditorium Building Window,

Design by Louis Sullivan

Photo by Vicki Milewski

Come and hear 7 artists and architects talk about their vision of the present and future of art and architecture while also honoring the past


Noon—4pm at Euro Furniture 2145 W. Grand

7 artists and architects talk about their work


4pm—5pm at Galaudet Gallery 2223 W.Hubbard

Vicki Milewski talks about Louis Sullivan and her Sullivan inspired art collection "Hunting with Louis Sullivan"


Milewski Lake Reflection

Photo By Vicki Milewski

My ancestors are watching  (Mój   przodek  są  oglądanie) is an art exhibit of Vicki Milewski’s work informed by both her Polish paternal heritage and her love of making art in Chicago.  


This installation of this exhibit focuses on her father’s upbringing and then ownership of the family’s ancestral dairy farm in central Wisconsin.  Through some magic Milewski’s father and mother fell in love at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.    Milewski’s work honors the memory of her parents and her ancestors by integrating the farm in Wisconsin and her other home in Chicago into her artworks as a part of her dreaming while showing how Chicago encourages cultures to meet, understand one another and live together.


My Ancestors Are Watching

Exhibit Runs 10/1/2015--10/31/2015 at 


Beverly  1962 W. 95th Street  Chicago, IL


10/3 Artist Vicki Milewski will speak at the exhibit

and be available from noon--4pm

Galaudet Gallery

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