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21st Century

Chicago Artists' Studios 3


Forming Function


Hunting With Louis Sullivan


Chicago Artist Month October 2015


Forming Function list of events:

All events are free and open to the public



Opening Receptions:


Forming Function

5pm—7pm Euro Furniture 2145 W. Grand


Hunting with Louis Sullivan

7pm—9pm Galaudet Gallery 2223 W. Hubbard 



Artists Talks


Forming Function

Noon—4pm Euro Furniture 7 artists and architects

talk about their 21st Century work, studios and visions


Hunting with Louis Sullivan

3:30pm—4:30pm Galaudet Gallery Vicki Milewski's talk about Louis Sullivan

and her Sullivan inspired art collection "Hunting with Louis Sullivan"



Closing Receptions


Forming Function

3pm—6pm Euro Furniture 2145 W. Grand


Hunting with Louis Sullivan

6pm—9pm Galaudet Gallery 2223 W. Hubbard 



The 21st Century Chicago Artists' Studio 3 (CAS3) will have two Art Shows during Chicago Artist month, October 2015 at two locations.  CAS3 is a collection of Chicago artists and architects who will exhibit city scenes, art done in their Chicago studios and their visions of the next art movement we call The Third Chicago School.  


The first exhibition's title is a play on words from a famous quote by Louis Sullivan, "Form ever follows function” which has been misunderstood as a minimalistic view of architecture and art when really Sullivan was speaking of a much broader version of the word "function" to include our cultural life, our spiritual life, our artistic views which can merge and support one another; hence these 21st Century artists are forming a new view of function in our exhibit Forming Function.


The second exhibition's title is Hunting With Louis Sullivan and it merges the art of Louis Sullivan with the art of Vicki Milewski while respecting both artists' vision which has common ground in a Whitmanesque sensibility, an honoring of the past by bringing forth an egalitarian, democratic future and a love of nature.  Milewski has "hunted" with other artists before like Rimbaud, O'Keefe and Kandinsky with the prey being an inspired experience to create art from; her hunting with Sullivan has only deepened her love of Chicago.


The two exhibits take place in West Town a block away from each other where there was once an industrial zone  and now there are also innovative startups and pioneering businesses blending with artists to create an urban studio setting— CAS3.  Now there is a network moving toward a common goal—the creation of art and dialogue about art— CAS3.  Now there is the Third Chicago School, a collection of architects as artists, painters as artists, musicians as artists, writers as artists working in their environment sustainably, crazily, beautifully— CAS3.


List of participating Artists and Architects:


Vicki Milewski, Artist


Joseph and Tomoko Nagle, Artist

Nagle Photography


Allan A. Teske, Artist & Architect


Jennifer Marie Chertow, Artist


Erika Estefania Doyle, Artist


Megan Williamson, Artist


Tim Wang, Architect


James Beck, Artist

Studio Beck


Jenna Isbell, Artist



Michael Milewski, Artist


Alt Architecture + Research Associates LLC

Paul Alt, Architect


Shawn Vincent, Artist


Darya Orlova, Artist

Auditorium Building Windows,

Design by  Louis Sullivan

Photo by Vicki Milewski

The Third Chicago School


The 21st Century Chicago Artist Studio 3 (CAS3) is explored in these two exhibitions and their corresponding  lecture series with its inspiration from “The Chicago School” which originated with Chicago Architects like Louis Sullivan during the turn of the 20th Century.   Starting in the 1950's throughout the 1970's Chicago had "The Second Chicago School" of architects.   Both these schools promoted new technologies and construction methods that worked with the art of their given times and created new avenues for art and architecture to follow.


Now as we turn fully into the 21st Century we have found the “Third Chicago School” in the Chicago Artist Studio 3 (CAS3).  The dissolution of a hierarchical system for producing, disseminating and collecting art has created a new platform to work from that is based on networks, dialogue and cooperation.  Architecture is experiencing this transition also as it seeks more sustainable ways to design, build and reclaim.  The arts have always looked to nature for inspiration and structuring and now is no different; however, we are looking with new eyes that have vast amounts of information to integrate, understand and take into consideration.  CAS3 embraces this new looking and puts out the call for others to see anew too.

CAS3 Exhibit at Euro Furniture:
Forming Function


Chicago artists will be exhibited in EuroFurniture’s wonderful 40,000 sf space throughout Chicago Artists Month (10/1/15—11/15/15).  Both the carefully selected furniture and the artworks by curated artists are part of this exhibit.


Galaudet Gallery’s curatorial staff judged over 100 Chicago artists before selecting the 14 artists for Forming Function.  The selection criteria included choosing art of remarkable quality and a Chicago theme and also selecting artists who embrace the 21st Century and are working on pieces that inform the type of “function” Louis Sullivan advocated:  a function that goes beyond mere usefulness of art and architecture and moves into seeing those pursuits as supports for the kind of cultural, spiritual and communal life we wish to have so that our art and architecture can help us make those wishes into realities.

Forming Function Artists and Architects will also deliver talks about their changing studios, their use of Chicago places in the making of their art and  the state of art making and architecture today.  These talks will take place on October 24, 2015 from noon-4pm at EuroFurniture surrounded by the exhibition and are free and open to the public. 


Euro Furniture at 2145 W Grand Ave

Chicago, IL 60612

CAS3 Exhibit at Galaudet Gallery:
Hunting with Louis Sullivan


Galaudet Gallery will host the exhibit Hunting with Louis Sullivan which explores 21st Century connections between Sullivan's A System of Architectural Ornament According with a Philosophy of Man's Powers, his egalitarian ideas about society which he proposed would mirror nature and his philosophy about the function of culture, art and architecture with  the 21st Century art of Vicki Milewski  an abstract experientialist who challenges the boundaries of canvas, film, paper, words and music; her mixing of mediums in artworks and in compelling art collections which pursue experiences expressing the healing potential of nature and her egalitarian philosophy of society founded in her belief of the sacredness of all life.  


Milewski and Sullivan’s individual works often make precise references to sites, history, metaphysics and the meaning of communal living with both of these artists believing in new technologies but not at the cost of meaningful everyday experiences for everyone.   Sullivan influenced “The Chicago School” which was the first Chicago school of which Milewski now contends the “Third Chicago School” is beginning with an interleaving of artists and architects who share Sullivan's metaphysical philosophy about the real function of art and architecture and the true reality of a democracy that respects all living things as equals.  Works by Louis Sullivan and Vicki Milewski’s art collection Hunting with Louis Sullivan, comprised of large scale works that are inspired by Sullivan with some integrating Sullivan’s drawings and ideas, will be the main exhibition focus.


October 1

 7pm--9pm there will be an opening reception


October 24th

4pm—5pm Vicki Milewski's Talk "Hunting with Louis Sullivan" 


November 14

6pm--9pm there will be a closing reception



Galaudet Gallery 2223 W. Hubbard

Chicago, IL 60612

Galaudet Gallery

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