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Galaudet Gallery Events

At Our Eau Claire, Wisconsin Gallery 

There's Only One:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Events


April 18, 2017  7pm--9pm

There's Only One Art Collectors & Politicians

Evening Reception


State and federal Legislators are invited along with art collectors who like a preview.



April 21, 2017  3pm--8pm

There's Only One Opening Reception


Join Galaudet Gallery for inspiring art, organic drinks, salmon and other snacks during our opening reception for There's Only One



May 6, 2017  1pm--3pm

There's Only One Speakers Day


Galaudet Gallery in downtown Eau Claire is hosting a Speakers Day for their current art exhibit There’s Only One:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


The Speakers Day is on May 6, 2017 with programs at 1pm and 3pm.  Speakers who work for the protection of the Refuge and who have spent time in the Refuge will share a short film and information about the Arctic Refuge in Alaska.  Conne ctions will be made between Eau Claire and the refuge with some tips on landscaping that everyone can do to provide space for wildlife to rest and rejuvenate on their migratory ways.  Chances to take action to protect the Refuge from oil drilling will also be available as well as a lot of free information packets and books!  Wine, Cheese, salmon and other goodies will be offered and birds songs from the refuge will be playing.


You don’t want to miss this opportunity to take home sights, sounds and tastes of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


The Program:


Alaska Wilderness League’s Upper Midwest Region Coordinator Lois Norrgard will present a short film and information about the refuge and will open up a conversation about the Refuge.  Artist and Activist Vicki Milewski will speak about her decades long work to protect the Refuge’s northern coastal plain, through lobbying in Washington D.C., using her art to inspire others to help win wilderness protection for this fragile, important and inspiring place and working with many organizations to reach these goals.   She will present information from the organizations which assisted with Galaudet Gallery’s art exhibit There’s Only One Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: US Fish and Wildlife Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Office, Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, Audubon Society Alaska, Memorial Nature Fund, Patagonia and Florian Schulz Productions.  Mike Milewski will also share his experiences of lobbying in Washinton D.C., hosting Gwichtin visitors in Chicago and how the refuge has touched his life.


Participants will be able to take home informative packets and other useful information.  After the presentation bird songs from the Arctic Refuge and Whale Songs from the Arctic oceans will be played while refreshments are served while viewing art from activist artists who seek wilderness protection for the last part of the Arctic Refuge that is not protected—its northernmost coastal plain.   There are some places, like Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, that define what it means to be American.  Inspiring art helped save these places and it is working to save The Arctic Refuge which also defines what it is to be American, what it is to be free.  This inspiring art connects us to the refuge through beauty and transcendence while also showing us more literal connections like our migratory birds which flock to the refuge and then come to Eau Claire and some of our pollinators who are indispensible.


Find out what millions of acres over 3,000 miles away have to do with Eau Claire in Galaudet Gallery’s Spring art exhibit There’s Only One:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with drawings, photos, oils and other art so astonishing it has influenced, inspired, and reshaped the thinking about this legendary land in the minds of politicians and everyday people




May 13, 2017  1pm--3pm

Rain Barrel Installation and Use


Galaudet Gallery will be installing a rain barrel on one of its downspouts on May 12, 2017.  Stop by to learn how to install one at your home or business and learn techniques on how to use the collected rain water easily as well as mosquito abatement.  Rain Water is a great resource come by and learn more about it!

May 13, 2017  1pm--3pm

Creating Spaces for Pollinators

Galaudet Gallery has two great gardens that take pollinators and migratory species into consideration.  Stop by on May 13th to learn more about the types of plants these gardens hold and leave with some seeds from Seed Savers and some ideas on where to plant them.  Pollinators are an important part of our ecosystem and agricultural system so we invite them to our party too! There may be bees and hummingbirds present so please be aware of this in case you have any allergies. 


Galaudet Gallery

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