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Galaudet Gallery Tower Room Recordings

Galaudet Gallery in down town Eau Claire WI is located in a Victorian Queen Anne built in 1905. This Extraordinary ornate building has all its original wood moldings. Four spacious rooms are devoted to the displaying of fine art for sale. 

Galaudet Gallery’s Tower Room not only contains a tower that a Victorian Queen Ann is known for and amazing art but astonishing acoustics. The Tower Room has hosted wide ranging performers delighting and enhancing the Galaudet Gallery experience for all its listeners.

Galaudet Gallery’s Tower Room Recordings are short craft created cd’s  that are for sale presenting the vast array of talent in the Eau Claire area. Each recording sometimes contains “bonus tracks” of spoken word explanation of exhibits, events, songs, ideas or creative writing.

Please contact Galaudet Gallery for more information.  All recordings are copyrighted and need authorization for any duplication or other usage.

Searching Heart Native American Flute Music
Ghost Dance Songs Altered for Knowing
Support our musicians and purchase a cd:
Searching Heart   Rita Simon plays Native American Flutes 
Ghost Dance Songs:  Altered for Knowing   Vicki Milewski plays Ghost Dance songs on her flute and piano

Native American flute player Rita Simon plays a variety of Native American flutes during the My Medicine Art Show Part One.  Rita has played for many years and creates wonderful soundscapes and experiences.

Artist Vicki Milewski sees her vocation as extending the reaches of abstraction into an experientialist arena so that she calls all her art "abstract experientialism" including her wonderful music composed for piano, flute, choirs and orchestras.

Galaudet Gallery

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