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Modern Light: Artist Jewelry and Fine Craft

Join us in celebrating jewelry as art with artists and artisans from here and around the world sharing their handcrafted pieces in this international juried art show which has 100’s of pieces of jewelry on display and for sale  and fine crafts and paintings, prints and photos that speak to the theme of Modern Light. 


Each piece of jewelry in this show is one-of-a-kind hand made by artists and artisans from Eau Claire and around the world.   There is a wonderful ruby red necklace by Miguel Ases, an Ancient Symbols trio of necklace, bracelet and earrings by Montana silversmith Hank Beamont, a white marble buffalo hangs from a long beaded necklace by Wisconsin’s White Bear, red wine colored garnets are beaded into the traditional grape clusters of the Victorian era by South Dakota steam punk artist Samatha Asher and many more wonderful, artistic and beautifully wearable works of art.


Galaudet Gallery seeks to rejuvenate the Arts and Crafts Movement founded in the early 1900’s by a group of artists and craftspeople that believed high quality and carefully crafted items were products of artistic integrity and should be accepted as art. Their belief  that the Industrial Revolution and automation disconnected us from ourselves, each other and nature can be seen as happening today.  Galaudet Gallery believes that we are at the same transition point as the industrial Revolution and in need of bringing together artists and craftspeople who believe in the arts as a way to keep us connected with each other and nature.  These connections can be through a beautiful photo of sunset over a farm lake, the sparkle of a wine colored natural garnet stone, the feel of turquoise on our skin.   


Galaudet Gallery concludes their “Year of the Rebel” thematic exhibits which started this Spring with Landscape Rebels, went on to suggest new ways of seeing healing in our Summer show  The New Medicine before asking this early Fall Is Architecture Art?; now Galaudet Gallery co-owners bring forth Modern Light—a  rebellious idea that our jewelry can also be pieces of art.

Galaudet Gallery

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