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Modern Light: Artist Jewelry and Fine Craft

November 4--December 30, 2016

Current Pieces available for online shopping

Read the exhibit catalog essay here

Each of these pieces is one of a kind and can be purchased online through PayPal.  Please contact us to insure the piece you would like is still available and to arrange shipping.


Please check back as pieces will be added throughout this exhibit.  Thanks for looking!

Visit the Modern Light Exhibit in our Eau Claire, Wisconsin gallery and take some of the light these artists offer home with you through simply experiencing their pieces and/or purchasing something special.

Trading Oranges

Trade Beads and Oranges

Necklace and Earrings



Antique Millefiori Trade Beads inspire these pieces


The Trade Beads and Oranges necklace includes radiant amber and freshwater pearls $88.00


The Trade Beads and Tangerines necklace includes carnelian, agate and fresh water pearls $100.00


The Trade Beads and Tangerines earrings include carnelian and agate $60.00


Set of Necklace and earrings $150.00

Mythological Flirtation

Necklace, Bracelet and Triangle Earrings


Mythological Flirtation

Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings


Zeus and Alexander the Great Share sides on the Ancient Greek replica coins highlighting these pieces. Inspired by a triangle and coin necklace in the Art Institute of Chicago's Ancient Greek Jewelry Collection, this archaeological revival set flirts with history, myth and the wonder of jewelry


Mythological Flirtation Necklace $50.00

Mythological Flirtation Bracelet   $35.00

Mythological Flirtation Earrings   $25.00

Set of three $100.00

Lucite Sunrise

Necklace and Earrings


Faceted Lucite and antique crystal creates sunrise colors in these pieces


Lucite Sunrise Necklace includes sunrise Lucite rays accented with freshwater pearls hanging from a gold filled chain. $75.00


Lucite Sunrise Earrings in Antique Crystal on gold filled chains and gold plated french earring wires  $45.00


Set of Necklace and Earrings $110.00







Also pictured Lucite Sunrise Earrings Sunrise Lucite rays and freshwater pearl (matches the yellow in the necklace) $35.00

Galaudet Gallery

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