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The New Medicine Art Exhibit


June 18, 2016—September 5, 2016


Deadline to enter May 7, 2016



“The New Medicine” is a juried art exhibit which explores new definitions for “medicine” and the transcendental influences art has on healing.  21st Century modes of storytelling, inspiration or perspective are encouraged.    2D and 3D works accepted.  Artworks larger than 5 feet in any direction or weighing more than 100 pounds are ineligible.  Maximum of 3 artworks may be submitted per artist. 


Media:  All fine arts media are acceptable including: watercolor, drawing, pastel, painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, digital art, etchings, monotype, monoprint, silk screen, lithography, collagraph, fiber art, book arts, etc. Feel free to contact the gallery at with any questions.


Eligibility:  This international exhibition is open to any artist 18 years of age or older.



  • Artist’s Name, Address, Email, Phone #

  • Brief artist statement (200 or less words)

  • Entry Fee $14.00 for one, $7.00 for each one after to a maximum of 3 payable through PayPal to

  • 1-3 images for each entry: at least 1 of entire piece

  • Artwork entry description

    •  ​Title

    • Medium

    • Dimensions (LxW or LxWxH)

    • Year Created

    • Retail Price (in dollars)

    • For Sale in Exhibit? (yes or no)

    • Artwork Narrative (200 or less words)


Any questions? Contact us at (715) 513-9994 or


Fees/Submission:  Entry fees for this exhibit are $14 for first entry, $7 for each additional entry all must be submitted by May 7, 2016.  You needn’t enter your submissions all at the same time.  Entry fees are payable only through Paypal to  Submission for this exhibition is by email only.  Please send your submissions to



May 7, 2016 - Deadline for entries to be received:  Images, narratives & payment

Week of May 15, 2016 - Announcement of accepted works via email and press releases

June 5, 2016 - deadline to deliver work to the gallery

June 18, 2016 – Exhibition opening

July-August, 2016 – Special events TBA (eg. Artist talk event including available artists)

September 5, 2016 - last day of exhibition

Week of September 5,  2016 - work returned to artists


Images:  Please send gallery quality images without background clutter or text.  DO NOT send composite images or images with embedded text.  If your work is accepted for exhibition, the images you enter as well as the text you provide will be used for print & digital publicity.  Please ensure that the orientation of the images are the orientation of the piece since these images will be consulted when installation of the exhibit commences.  If the images provided are not quality then the artist might be contacted to provide better images.  Each submission may consist of 1 to 3 images. You may submit up to 3 submissions.  


Image File Requirements: A maximum of 3 images per submission will be accepted.  JPEGs should uploaded at 300dpi, file size not to exceed 2MB, with a maximum dimension of 1500 pixels on the longest side.   


Name your file: ArtistName_Title


Display cards/Catalog/Publicity:  Participating artists will be given a proof sheet of wall cards, publicity and catalog entries which will also constitute the deadline for changing any information including artwork title, price and narrative



Jules Hefe, International Art Dealer and Collector 

Michael Milewski, Fine Art Curator Galaudet Gallery, Chicago, IL


Exhibition Theme:  This exhibition seeks a new definition for the word “medicine” through  art that investigates different kinds of healing in varied areas such as self, others, earth and society.  An examination of transcendental influences art has on healing whether it be in the process of creating art is the healer or the art itself resonating or facilitating healing qualities will be shown.  Seeing medicine and healing in a 21st Century view will help frame this definitional search.


Artworks will be exhibited which view medicine in new and different ways so that a true exploration and definition can be undertaken; this could include critically examining the value to be found in varied areas of healing such as in self, others, earth and society and possibly finding  connections between these-but this is only an example.


Sales:  It is expected that all work exhibited be for sale. Sales will be encouraged. Galaudet Gallery retains 40% on all sales. The prices you submit during the entry process are the retail prices the gallery will adhere to throughout the duration of the exhibition.


Catalogs:  There will be a print and online color catalog in conjunction with the exhibition. Print catalogs will be for sale. The online catalog will remain online during and after the exhibition. Visit to see previous catalogs from Galaudet Gallery


Accepted Entries:  Works must be delivered ready for installation/display. Gallery reserves the right not to exhibit any work not accurately represented by the digital entry, arrives damaged, is not prepared for exhibition or any other conditions that may impair quality display.  Once accepted for the exhibition, Galaudet Gallery welcomes any written instructions on ideal display, but the gallery cannot guarantee any particular placement or exposure.


Conditions:  Roundtrip shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Galaudet Gallery retains a 40% commission on works sold through the gallery.


Instructions:  All wall pieces must be framed and wired or display ready. Plexiglas is best for works that will be shipped instead of glass; any broken glass due to shipping will not be replaced by gallery.  Artists are responsible for shipping or conveying their own work to and from the exhibit.


Agreements:   On acceptance to the exhibition, a consignment agreement, insurance agreement and delivery guidelines will be sent to each participating artist, along with any additional information or changes. Galaudet Gallery is insured and is responsible for the safekeeping of consigned property with certain limitations. However, it is recommended that artists provide insurance for their works outside of their studio. Note the following caveats: Artworks valued up to $1000 are insured against loss/damage (other than that resulting from normal exhibition wear and tear or flaws inherent in the artwork). Artworks valued over $1000 require the artist sign an additional waiver of insurance liability prior to display. Gallery is not responsible for damages resulting from flaws inherent in the artwork. Gallery is not responsible for damages resulting from earthquakes, flood or other such natural disasters. It is expected that submitting artists are not violating any stated or implied relationship with another gallery or dealer by submitting work for this exhibition and that the artist/creator of the work is not in violation of any copyright laws.  Submission of entry constitutes agreement to all conditions in this prospectus. The artist agrees that images of selected artwork and the submitted text can be used by the gallery for promotions and publications.



Contact Mike Milewski with any questions

Galaudet Gallery

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