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Tiffany Lamp Exhibit:  Pursuit of Beauty


Galaudet Gallery’s Tiffany Lamp Exhibit:  Pursuit of Beauty


         God has given us our talents, not to copy the talents of others, but rather to use our brains and imagination             in order to obtain the revelation of true beauty.—Louis Comfort Tiffany


The first Tiffany lamp was created around 1895. Each lamp was handmade by skilled craftsmen; although, Tiffany's craftsmen did use patterns to make each lampshade, each was unique due to the selection of the individual pieces of glass with their varied colors and densities.  This uniqueness continues to this day as found in the lamps offered by Galaudet Gallery sourced from companies utilizing patterns made from existing Tiffany lamps and who have craftsman individually set each piece of glass.


Galaudet Gallery’s Tiffany Lamp Exhibit:  Pursuit of Beauty is an ongoing show with new lamps being added as others are sold.  Each lamp is carefully researched to determine if it is a Tiffany replica or just in the style of Tiffany. Tiffany lamps are consider part of the Art Nouveau movement [i] and have specific characteristics as opposed to Tiffany style lamps which may only share the use of colored glass with the Tiffany legacy.


Following are just a few of the wonderful lamps on offer. 



[i] Art Nouveau was a movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and sought to “modernize’ design and create a more democratic view of all the arts so that craft would be on the same level as painting.  Artists drew inspiration from both nature and Euclidean geometry attempting to unite the two. Art Nouveau (New Art) is seen today as an important step to modernity which was at first a rejection of the replication of older styles mainly because they were poorly made, once the industrial revolution created the factory’s of today,  Art Nouveau was replaced by Art Deco in the 1920’s and the cult of the new began its walk toward the contemporary times.

Blue Dragonfly Lamp

This Tiffany Replica Lamp has exquisite jewels and cabochons.  The red jewel eyes in each of the dragonflies shine even during the day.  The large blue and amber cabochons have three different sizes and are so throughly colorized that they have an inner glow.


What makes this lamp so exceptional is its dramatic and highly contrasting glass selection, exhibiting golden flames projecting below the top aperture of the shade.  The rich background passages heighten the perception and brilliance of the cabochon jewels.   The aquatic color scheme suggests a sense of the natural world, adding to the dream-like quality evoked by the glass selection.

Lotus Lamp

The lotus blossoms are white, crème and pink with lighter green leaves surrounding them.  The blue and green background is made of rectangles in various shades.  The glass making up the thinner, darker green stems has a pearl essence that causes them to shine even when the lamp is not on, but just a shine since the coloration is completely different when the lamp is turned on.


Dimensions:         25"H x 12"W

Shade is 15” H X 12” W


Construction: This Tiffany Reproduction light features hand rolled art glass construction where each piece of glass has been hand placed.  No two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake. This lamp uses two 40W bulbs on the bottom and four 15 W bulbs on top.  

Swirling Dragonfly Lamp

This is an enchanting Tiffany reproduction stained glass globe shaped shade. The orange bodied dragonflies have delicate metal filigree wings over hand cut glass and they swirl playfully against a setting sun colored sky. This elegant table lamp has a scallop border dotted with jewel glass in blue, red and green.  


Dimensions:  total height is35" x 18"W, Shade: 12"H x 18"W

Construction: This stained glass lamp is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Uses 3 regular 100 watt bulbs.  Three pull chains, one for each bulb, have a hardware of a warm hand finished mahogany color. and an in cord on/off switch.


Galaudet Gallery

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