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Where Our Food Comes From Part One:

The Receiving Jar

Artworks by Vicki Milewski

Exhibition runs April 23-June 1, 2015

Galaudet Gallery


Galaudet Gallery sells fine art from professional fine artists

and emerging talent including oil painting, photography,

sculpture, mixed media and multi-media pieces. 

Galaudet Gallery curates several fine art exhibitions a year including education, archeological ideas, decorative arts

and events as a part of each exhibition.



Year Four                               2017 Year of 21st Century Realities


1.14.2017—4.1.2017              Winter Show:   The Artist’s Eye


4.21.2017—6.8.2017              Spring Show:  There’s Only One: Special Natural Places


6.18.2017—9.18.2017             Summer Show:    My Medicine Part Four Exhibit


9.23.2017—10.28.2017            Fall Show:   Forming Function Part 2


11.3.2017—12.30. 2017         Holiday Show:   Makers and Shakers

 "Galaudet Gallery's Chakras exhibit was significant and intellectually stimulating; they raised this metaphysical theme to a fine art standard."

Jules Heffe, Art Collector and  Consultant


 "Where Our Food Comes From is sustainable fine art that is worth consideration"

The Virginian Pilot

Galaudet Gallery

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