Forming Function Art Series
Part One
Tools of the Trade

September 25-November 9, 2015



As part of Galaudet Gallery's celebration of the Chicago Architecture Biennial we have curated a thoughtful look at tools as art.  Without tools our architecture would not be realized and it is with this in mind that we begin our Forming Function Art Series with tools.

Tools of the Trade refocuses the idea of tools into works of art.  Sometimes abstracted, re-purposed or in their original states, these works of art challenge our expectations of everyday tools and what they can produce in skilled hands.  Primary artist Mike Milewski places historical accuracy and abstraction on the same plane creating intellectually stimulating works which also contain humor in the realization that a piece may have once been a hammer, that a sun may have once been a saw blade, that a drill bit may pose as a leg.  Milewski says he enjoys breaking down the walls between the real and the abstract since in the rubble there lies a truth about work.


Tools are a known hallmark of civilization since even in the caves of  Lascaux, France the tools used to remake the cave and create the art on its walls were left in the cave for us to know what helped make this prehistoric space.  


Tools have also been a source of artistic creativity since the act of creation stresses the simple fact that artists use tools, at times of their own fashioning, to make art, just as skilled craftsmen make tools to create decorative art objects.  This Collection explores the transformation of utilitarian, everyday objects while appealing to the builder in all of us.