Forming Function Art Series
Part One:

The Beginning of a Third Chicago School

Art Exhibit


Galaudet Gallery In Cooperation with EuroFurniture, The Chicago Architecture Biennial & Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs presents The Beginning of a Third Chicago School Art Exhibit a part of Galaudet Gallery's Forming Function Art Series with the 21st Century Chicago Artists’ Studios’.  15 Chicago Artists were selected from over 250 entries to participate in this inaugural exhibition which ushers in the Third Chicago School, an artistic and design centered movement seeking to further the work of the past two Chicago schools of thought and to also set off on a new path toward a truly 21st Century art which moves fully into a global artistic motion.

Please visit the Forming Function exhibition catalog at:

Below is just a small sample of the beauty and power that this exhibit held


Exhibition View of a selection of paintings from

Vicki Milewski's Badland Roads Series for her art collection called The Badlands:  Rebel Landscapes.

Forming Function Artists/Architect Talk had 8 artists and architects talk about their work and how it merges with the Forming Function theme.  Shown on the right is Paul Alt discussing his architectural practice and on the left is Megan Williamson discussing her artistic practice.

Some of the Exhibits Artists pose for a group photo on opening night.

 Exhibition View of the "Wave Wall with 5 different artists displaying work that helped elucidate the Forming Function theme and Third Chicago School idea.

Exhibition View of a selection of James Beck's Photographs on the "Wave Wall" and a detail of one of those photographs "Phoenix" 

Exhibition View of a selection of Megan Williamson's pen and ink drawings and oil paintings on an exposed wall in Euro.