Forming Function

Art Series Part One

Hunting with Louis Sullivan


“Hunting with Louis Sullivan” incorporates Vicki Milewski’s art and sense of polychromy with the drawings Louis Sullivan made for his final book, A System of Architectural Ornament:  According with the Powers of Man.  Sullivan’s philosophical writings and drawings have never been so well connected as in Milewski’s works.  Her choice of colors and materials brings Sullivan’s drawings and ideas into vivid states which elegantly present a clear joining of the power these two artists hold.  Her understanding of Sullivan and their shared influences like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman is clearly shown in the detailed and beautiful choices she has made in unveiling a true American philosophy that has been analyzed but never seen like this. Milewski’s 21st Century presentation of Sullivan’s early 20th Century drawings fuse into a 21st Century boundary push along vectors which follow these great thinkers into uncharted territory of  a truly 21st Century American Art which leads into a Global Art with its eventual culmination in a Universal Art. (from Jules Hefe's essay "Hunting for a Global Concern while Looking Toward a Universal Art from Louis Sullivan and Vicki Milewski")



Part One of Hunting with Louis Sullivan is a study of Louis’ drawings and ideas from A System of Architectural Ornament According with the Powers of Man, bringing them into the 21st Century by colorizing and interpreting them.  Part Two will contain collages, assemblages, drawings and paintings utilizing works by Louis Sullivan as source material and as inspirations.  Part Three will occur when I complete a choral/orchestral piece I have written called Hunting with Louis Sullivan”  it has four movements but I will premier each movement when it is finished, hoping to be able to finish the entire at some point in the future.  Part Four will collect all the previous work so that I can write (and draw a new philosophic treatise on the recognition of our personal powers that are founded in spirit, intellect, emotions nature and community (part of this catalog contains the beginnings of this work).




Some selections from Hunting with Louis Sullivan:


Louis H. Sullivan, Architect

Vicki Milewski , Artist

Detail of

Parallel Axes  (further development of Parallelism)

Mystical Trails to Hike On

Louis H. Sullivan, Architect

Vicki Milewski  Artist

Detail of


“Corresponding Sympathies Within the Heart”

“I believe in you my soul…How you settled your head …(then)..swiftly arose and spread around me the peace and knowledge that pass all argument of the earth”


“Song of Myself”-- Walt Whitman


“Now Make the Dry Bones Live”


Handwritten note on Sullivan’s draft for

A System of Architectural Ornament According with a Philosophy of Man’s Powers


Louis H. Sullivan, Architect

Vicki Milewski  Artist



“I and this mystery here we stand.”


“Song of Myself”    Walt Whitman

Detail of

Panel from a Skylight in the Auditorium Theater, 1889

Photograph by Vicki Milewski 

“behind nature, throughout nature, spirit is present…

it does not act upon us from without …but spiritually,

or through ourselves:  therefore, that spirit…does not build up nature around us, but puts it forth through us…”


“Nature”—Ralph Waldo Emerson