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Late Fall 2022 Show

Building Dreams 3: 

Cutting Down Hierarchies


Building Dreams 3 continues our curatorial look at a Victorian mansion in Eau Claire built with the Arts and Crafts Movement ideology with architectural decisions speaking of beauty, equality and the future.   Building sciences found in the Milewski Mansion will be highlighted.



Milewski Mansion Windows

Photograph by by Vicki Milewski  

Holiday 2022 Show


like the down of a thistle


Merging two of our favorite exhibits of jewelry and light we'll also be exploring algorithmic art and shaker art.


Chakra Necklace

by Buddha Babe

pearl jam.jpg

Spring 2023 Show

Graphic Music


Primarily a study in Psychedelia, Graphic Music has been curated to bring Concert Posters into a realm of art and those who create them seen as artists.  No drugs needed!



Pearl Jam Concert Poster

by Emek


Summer/Fall 2023


Sense of Place: EVERYWHERE


After a pandemic hiatus Galaudet Gallery's award winning art series Sense of Place is scheduled to be held for its third incarnation. the first year was HERE, the second year was THERE and this third year will be EVERYWHERE



Heart Chakra

Oil by C.W. Leadbeater

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