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Galaudet Gallery


Galaudet Gallery sells fine art from professional fine artists and emerging talent

including oil painting, photography,

sculpture, mixed media and multi-media pieces. 


Galaudet Gallery curates several fine art exhibitions a year including education, archaeological ideas, decorative arts

and events as a part of each exhibition.

Galaudet Gallery Mission Statement


To present fine art exhibitions from professional fine artists and emerging talent including all forms of art


Recognizing our placement in history as a call to illuminate changes, support innovation and grow transformational experiences by unfolding past, present and future layers into simple glances of beautiful things.


We seek a renewal of an Arts and Crafts ideology with a 21st Century sensibility encouraging the creation, collection, and appreciation of art, craft and  what is coming next

Galaudet Gallery 2017 Exhibition Schedule

2017 is the Year of 21st Century Realities


Galaudet Gallery 2018 Art Exhibitions

The Year of “Back of Beyond”


Winter Show

Choix Roses: les deux

Redouté Roses and Bouquets


Bread and Roses:  Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designerd


Spring Show

Collectors Soiree


Summer Show

Sense of Place:  HERE


Fall Show

Dancing with the Dawn


Holiday Show

The Stars


Winter Show

Before Temple of Flora

Open Everyday

Hours May Vary

Typically noon-8pm

 "Galaudet Gallery's Chakras exhibit was significant and intellectually stimulating; they raised this metaphysical theme to a fine art standard."

Jules Heffe, Art Collector and  Consultant


 "Where Our Food Comes From is sustainable fine art that is worth consideration"

The Virginian Pilot

Galaudet Gallery

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